Maintain Roll Performance - with Acid Flushing

Chill & heat-transfer rollers that are not performing optimally may be clogged a variety of compounds.

Over time, heating & cooling liquids tend to build-up, forming lime deposits, scale and calcium crusts, clogs of coagulated chemicals, and masses of rust. These deposits block the spiral baffles inside the roller, which decreases flowrates and causes the roller to lose thermal conductivity.

The end result: clogged rolls don’t get as hot or cold as they should – and your processes suffer.

But Menges can help.

We offer a unique acid flushing service that breaks-down and flushes-out these deposits of calcium, rust and congealed chemicals. Menges Roller uses specially-formulated chemicals to dissolve these solid masses and bits of particulate matter, then completely flush them from the roller.

Customers see immediate improvements in thermal transfer performance.

Improved heating/cooling performance also allows engineers to dial back flow rates, so pumps don’t have to work so hard. You’ll save energy, but you’ll also increase the overall lifespan of connected equipment, the result of pumping sludge-free liquids.

Beginning Acid Flushing:
Here at the start of the cleansing process, our
chemicals are slowly breaking down clogs. Every
roll has a different type of residue, and we augment
our cleansing chemicals accordingly.

After Acid Flushing:
After several hours and multiple procedures, residues and solids have been flushed out. Flowrate has been stored
and this roller is ready for service again.

The Benefits of Acid Flushing

  • Prevents the Need for Complete Restoration
  • Maintains Flow of Thermal Liquids (hot or cold)
  • Ensures Thermal Conductivity
  • Prevents Pump & Machine Malfunctions
  • Extends the Life of the Roller and Other Equipment
  • Improves the Roll’s Process Function in the Line
    (whether used to heat a web, cool hot plastics, or in a laminating, coating or finishing process etc.)

This heat transfer roller was never acid flushed, and
performance steadily declined until it had to be
completely rebuilt. Undergoing a costly overhaul, the
outer shell was removed, the inner components rebuilt,
and a new outer shell was fabricated and installed. Had
our acid flushing service been done, this would not have
been necessary.

Rolls left to completely plug up can sometimes be saved, but this is an complex process, usually requiring removal of the outer shell, rebuilding of the interior components, and the fabrication & installation of a new
outer shell.

Ideally, acid flushing is used regularly as a maintenance procedure that preserves the interior chamber of
the roll.

So why sit back and wait for your heat-transfer / chill roller to stop working properly? There’s too much
at stake.

Speak to your Menges Sales Engineer about our highly-effective acid flushing services.

Call or click to get started, and improve the performance of your heat-transfer or chill roll.

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