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Look to Menges Roller for the ultimate industrial roller solutions. We offer comprehensive technical and manufacturing expertise to benefit your business. We manufacture new rollers for OEM; offer our aftermarket roll replacements; and stretch budgets with top-notch industrial roller repair. Our rubber covering operation, machining and fabrication go hand in hand

All our custom roller work is done in house and under our own roof. We fabricate and cover process rollers for every industry. Businesses in converting, steel, paper, packaging, laminating, printing, and other industries rely on our quality. We handle rollers to 48" in diameter, and 30' in length.

We are industrial roller experts with over 40 years of experience, skilled equally in coverings and core fabrications. We provide roller cores, roller coverings, chill/heat transfer rollers, idler rollers, web spreaders and after market cores, coverings and repairs to rollers in every industry in virtually every configuration and size up to 48” diameter X 30’ long.

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