Aluminum Dead Shaft Idlers

Aluminum Dead Shaft Idler Specs
Aluminum Dead Shaft Idler

We have a wide variety of face lengths and diameters available. Contact us for details specific to your application.

Aluminum Dead Shaft Idlers

Menges Roller Company's Aluminum Idlers have long been a standard in the most demanding applications in the industry today! Our aluminum dead shaft idlers are almost half the weight of a comparable steel idler. This weight reduction allows the roller to be an outstanding performer in many of today's most rigorous applications.

Advantages of Standard Aluminum Dead Shaft Idlers:

  • More corrosion resistant than steel
  • Lower inertia than steel
  • Excellent for low web tensions
  • Easily modified with custom coatings (see rubber covering, grooving and crown profiling section)
  • Low friction bearings installed (shaft available, see this page)
  • Dynamically balanced for high speed operators

Custom Aluminum Idler Covering and Profiles

To add something special to your new aluminum dead shaft idler just turn to our rubber covering section. There you'll find information on all the available compounds, groove patterns or crown profiles. Shafts not included See this page for shafts.

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