Aluminum Live Shaft Idlers

Aluminum Live Shaft Idler Specs
Aluminum Live Shaft Idler

We have a wide variety of face lengths and diameters available. Contact us for details specific to your application.

Aluminum Live Shaft Idlers

Quite often, a customer's question is "Can we get a live shaft idler, that is lighter than the traditional steel idler." Our answer is "yes", and we recommend our field tested live shaft aluminum idlers.

Choose from a complete line of pre-engineered rollers for a host of applications. We can help you to determine the configuration that is right for you. contact us for your live shaft aluminum idler needs.

Advantages of Standard Aluminum Live Shaft Idlers:

  • Higher loads when mounted with self-aligning bearings and pillow blocks. Rigid bearings in dead shaft rollers won't correctly handle higher loads.
  • Live shaft aluminum idlers are great for harsh environments. Because the bearing can be mounted towards the end of the journal, it is moved away from high temperatures or chemical atmosphere that can quickly destroy dead shaft roll bearings.

Custom Aluminum Idler Covering and Profiles

To add something special to your new idler just turn to our rubber covering section. There you'll find information on all the available compounds, groove patterns or crown profiles.

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