Repair of Chill / Heat Transfer Rolls

Thermal rollers (aka “Chill Rolls” or “Heat Transfer Rolls”) represent the top tier in roller technology. They are required to maintain a precise temperature consistently across the entire rollface, often under harsh conditions, while also providing an unblemished smooth face finish.

Occasionally, over a long lifespan, one of these elements breaks down. That’s a good time to call Menges Roller.

We offer a wide variety of repair and maintenance services for thermal rolls, from shell replacement and refinishing to inner-cavity acid flushing, as well as journal repair or replacement.We can even restore your current roller to like-new condition or re-engineer it to perform for a new application.

We can repair or replace the coating or cylindrically grind and re-plate with whatever finish you require. We also repair leaking or clogged rolls, as well as put new journals on existing

Repair & Maintenance Services for Thermal Rollers

  • Re-Engineering the Roll for a New Purpose
  • Cylindrically Grinding & Re-Chrome Plating
  • Repair Journal Shafts & Bearing Races
  • Acid Flushing & De-Scaling the Interior Chamber
  • Removing & Replacing the Entire Outer Shell
  • Inner-Compartment Repair & Modification
  • Two-Plane Dynamic & Static Balancing

The outer shell has been removed from this heat transfer roll
and will be replaced with an entirely new shell, fully integrated
into the unit. The roll will also be dynamically balanced and
chrome plated.

This steel-shelled chill roll is being cylindrically ground
in-house and will be re-plated in mirror- finish chrome.
This is a common service for chill rolls, and is often
combined with a regularly scheduled acid flushing

One of our key specialties is larger, longer rolls. This applies
to new fabrication projects as well as refurbishing existing
rolls. Over 20 feet long, this double-shelled heat transfer roll
is being cylindrically ground to a low Ra after being plated.

Inner-Shell Refurbishing

Especially for rolls that have never been acid flushed, the interior cavity can become clogged, reducing fluid flow and offering poor thermal transfer. The Menges Roller team can rebuild these poor-performing rolls by removing
the outer shell, fabricating new baffles and components, then installing a completely new outer shell. Plating,
such as chrome or nickel is then applied.

With this process, the roll will perform like new and represents about a 40% savings versus the cost of
fabricating a completely new roll.

Never Acid Flushed:
This large double-shelled roll was never acid flushed.
This resulted in deposit buildup, low fluid flow, and poor
thermal conductivity, which affected the customer’s
product quality. An inner-shell rebuild was then required.
Inner-Shell Rebuild:
The inner shell was reground and balanced, new spiral
baffles were installed, and here the roll awaits its new
outer shell. Regular acid flushing would have prevented
this extensive rebuild. However, once finished, it will
perform like new.

Acid Flushing - An Important Maintenance Procedure

Chill & heat-transfer rollers that are not performing optimally may be clogged with a variety of compounds, including rust, calcium deposits, congealed chemicals and hardened particulate matter. This can severely affect the roll’s performance, significantly decreasing its thermal conductivity. Pumps and machine accessories could also potentially be damaged.

But Menges Roller can help.

We offer a unique acid flushing service that breaks-
down and flushes-out these deposits and restores the
roll’s performance.

Customers see immediate improvements.

We have a special web-page specifically dedicated to this important maintenance service.


This double-shelled roller was never acid flushed, and performance steadily declined until it had to be
completely rebuilt. Acid flushing procedures from
Menges Roller can prevent this from happening to your thermal roll.

Double-shelled rolls are a significant investment, and they play an important role in your plant. Don’t let easily-handled maintenance or repair issues bring processes to a halt. We deliver quick turnaround, rock-solid workmanship, and precision tolerances.

If you are have questions regarding any of our repair or maintenance services, simply contact a Menges Sales Engineer to discuss the matter. We are happy to assist with insightful, experience-driven advice.

Call or click today, and maintain thermal roll performance for a fraction of the cost of a new roll.

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