Chill & Heat Transfer Rollers
Advanced Roller Technology

A chill roll or heat transfer roll is designed to cool or heat the web to a specific temperature. They are a hybrid roller used to facilitate a specific process in web handling of substrates that need to be cooled down or warmed up.

Modern substrates and processes are placing an increasing importance on achieving very specific web temperatures, which then require a very consistent roller temperature.

With Menges heat and chill rollers, adhesives bond stronger, laminates stretch smooth, and coatings dry
quicker. Our rollers help you perform and produce at a higher level by reducing waste, increasing speeds, and generating a better end product.

These twin rollers are designed to work together: one is designed to turn clockwise, the other will turn counter-clockwise. Both have a double-shelled monoflow design..   Large Heat Transfer Rollers Yellow
Matt Menges is here with four stainless steel rolls, two of which are double-shelled heat transfer rolls.


  • Provide consistent web temperature across entire roll face, even through long production runs or increases
    in production line speed. Menges rollers can maintain a consistent temperature to within + / - 1 degree F.
  • Precision engineered to your exact specifications, with performance guaranteed
  • Variety of coatings available, including plated and elastomer-based finishes
  • Dynamically balanced and structurally optimized for long life and minimal maintenance
  • Large sizes are a specialty at Menges Roller: we construct heat & chill rolls up to 48 inches in diameter
    and up to 30 feet in length.

Our CAD engineers & technology help ensure proper baffle angles, coolant flow rates and deflection calculations - making your rolls perform perfectly in your application.

Our Award Winning
Engineering Services
  • Plastics
  • Roofing
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Cast Film
  • Laminating
  • Extruding
  • Converting
  • Winding
  • Printing


  • Fluid Flow & Heat Exchange Modeling
  • Deflection Calculations
  • Roll Load Formulations
  • Rotation & Line Speed Profiling


Our years of experience enable us to truly understand the details of your process dynamics. We know what
it takes to help you reduce waste, increase output, maintain line speeds, and produce a better product.

Once we have your application specifications, Menges Roller will design chill or heat transfer rolls to effectively optimize your processes; whether you're working in laminating, coating, extruding, or another specialized
process. If you're building a new line or customizing existing machines, you can count on Menges to provide advice on which type of roller is most appropriate for your unique situation and goal.

The double-shell design is the industry standard for today's advanced web-handling applications - delivering a specific and consistent roll temperature - even across large webs and long production runs. However, not all processing parameters require a double-shell design.


Can Roller at 150

Single-Shell Design:
Also known as the "flow through" or "can" design, this economic thermal roller meets basic temperature control needs, and Menges Roller can engineer and manufacture these rollers to fit your exact size, finish and core specifications.



Double-Shell  Mono-Flow Configuration:
The roller core allows the heating/cooling liquid to flow in one end and out the other end of the roller. This configuration provides outstanding temperature control and our expertise in fabricating these rollers is unsurpassed.


Roller Comp 2 Double Shell DUO FLOW 150 dpi

Double-Shell  Duo-Flow Configuration:
The roller core contains one fitting, through which the heating/cooling liquid flows both in and out. This type of thermal roller offers excellent temperature control, while saving a bit of space on your production line floor.


Menges-mirror-roll-4-smaller-5-7--Loran This large heat transfer roller was fabricated by Menges Roller for one of our customers in the packaging industry. Featuring a double-shell, spiral baffle design, and a mirror pocket finish, the roller face is over 9 feet in length and 30 inches in diameter. The technology, design and construction of this roller allows our customer to maintain very specific web temperatures, even as substrate materials change and production throughputs vary.
Manufactured for a large OEM, these twin rolls will be used in an extrusion setup. Although the majority of our chill rolls are chrome plated, these are nickel plated. Here at Menges Roller, incorporating specialized finishes and plating options is standard practice. They have a 28 inch face, 23 inch diameter and feature a double-shell, spiral baffle monoflow design.


We realize every customer produces unique products, with unique finishing requirements. That’s why we
offer so many plating and material options. Additionally, because Menges Roller was originally founded as
a rubber covering house, we can cover your roll in any elastomer. The following represents the most
popular choices.

  • Chrome Plating (Finished to Any Required Ra Value)
  • Nickel Plating
  • Grit/Shot-Blasted Matte Finish
  • Standard Lathe Finish
  • Machine-Cut Grooving
  • Tempered & Case-Hardened Profiles
  • Thermal Spray & Plasma Coating
  • In House Rubber, Silicone or Thermal-Plastic Coverings
Tech Measuring Chrome on Chill Roll This Menges Engineer is measuring the Ra value on a chrome-plated chill roll, ensuring it meets exact customer specs. This roller features a duoflow design, has been dynamically balanced, and has a milled keyway at one end.   Optical Mirror Finish on Chill Roll This chill roll will be used to cool sheets of extruded plastic.  The finish is an optical mirror chrome finish, with an Ra value of less than one.  This high-gloss finish produces a glossy finish on the extruded plastic, which is very important for this customer’s application.


Thermal rolls, whether used for hot or cold applications, are expected to perform at a high level under fairly demanding conditions over an extended duration of time. As a result, periodic repair and maintenance
procedures must be accomplished

Menges Roller Company offers a complete array of services, targeting each aspect of the roll.

The list below gives a general overview of the key services.

For a more detailed explanation, click the link for
“Chill / Heat Transfer Repairs” or visit our page on
“Acid Flushing.”

Of course, the Menges Team of Sales Engineers welcomes your calls and email inquiries.
We’re happy to provide advice, insight and recommendations.

Repair & Maintenance Services for Thermal Rollers

  • Cylindrically Grinding & Re-Chrome Plating
    Most thermal rolls are chrome plated, but just because the chrome is worn doesn’t mean the roll is
    finished. Chrome plating from Menges can bring that smooth rollface performance back to your line.
    We can grind & re-chrome plate the roll, then polish to any Ra value, including mirror finish.
  • Repair Journal Shafts & Bearing Races
    In time, bearing-contacting surfaces can become worn, especially with high speeds or heavy loads.
    The Menges team of roll technicians can easily resurface and smooth these surfaces to your required specs. This procedure results in smoother roll operation, decreased vibration and longer equipment life.
  • Removing & Replacing the Entire Outer Shell
    If the outer shell is damaged due to a large dent or is pitted due to chemical exposure, replacement may
    be required. The Menges team can fabricate, weld, seal, balance, grind and plate a new outer shell to
    your exact specifications.
  • Acid Flushing & De-Scaling the Interior Chamber
    This is the single most important maintenance procedure for double-shelled thermal rollers.
    Over time, double-shelled rolls can become clogged with a variety of substances, hindering thermal conductivity. Our proprietary Acid Flushing service removes these materials, restoring conductivity and extending roller life.
  • Inner-Compartment Repair & Modification
    Especially for rolls that never get acid flushed, the inner cavity and spiral baffles can become rusted or damaged. In some cases, it is necessary to remove the outer shell, rebuild the interior, and install a new outer shell. This is a complex procedure, and only Menges Roller is solidly qualified to undertake such a project.
  • Two-Plane Dynamic & Static Balancing
    Out-of-balance rolls can cause vibrations that damage web / supply stock. Excessive vibration can also damage expensive machinery. Menges is your source for balancing all types of rolls, not just thermal
    rolls. We employ computer-interfaced balancing machines that target problem areas. After balancing,
    rolls are able to run smoother and much higher speeds, vibration-free.
  • Re-Engineering Your Roll for a New Purpose
    Especially if the web width is the same, old rolls can be refurbished to serve a new function in your line.
    We have the tools, technical knowledge and industry insight needed to recondition rolls and
    roll components.
Click here for
Acid Flushing Page


The Menges team is ready to analyze your configuration and determine the highest-performing solution. Call or click to get started on an industry-leading chill roller or heat-transfer roller from Menges Roller Company.

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