SuperSpanders - Small Investment, High Returns

Menges SuperSpander coil expanders save time, increase safety and eliminate waste. This fairly simple product pays for itself the first few times you use it, then goes on to generate significant returns over a long lifespan.

The primary function of a coil expander is to help your plant load, handle and manipulate odd-sized coils. They fit onto the coil-handling mandrel, essentially increasing the machine’s diameter, thus allowing you to handle coils with larger insider diameters. However, there are a range of other benefits.

Menges SuperSpanders save time, improve safety, reduce
waste, and enable you to handle coils from more vendors -
all factors that help improve your bottom line. That’s a
big benefit for a small investment.

Our SuperSpanders can be fabricated to any required
diameter or width. Made from a durable yet flexible
synthetic rubber compound, these coil expanders offer
exceptional value to your plant.

The Benefits of Menges Super Spanders

Enables Handling of Coils with Any ID
Menges SuperSpanders extend the capabilities of your winder or unwinder, facilitating the manipulation of any
coil size. Many of our customers keep 3 or 4 SuperSpanders on hand.

Allows Purchase of Coils from New Suppliers
With size flexibility comes purchasing flexibility, which can reduce material costs

Protects the Coil-Handling
Mandrel SuperSpanders protect the mandrel as well as the coil, preventing metal-on-metal friction & abrasion

Reduced Waste & Higher Yields
By eliminating the mandrel-to-coil abrasion, coil ends are no longer damaged. You’ll virtually eliminate coil
end scrap.

Saves Time & Manpower in Loading Coils
With Menges SuperSpanders, odd sized coils are no longer a logistical puzzle. Easy loading of coils
saves manpower and plant resources.

Increases Safety by Securing the Coil
SuperSpanders provide a tight grip on the inside circumference of the coil, reducing the likelihood of mishaps
from mishandled coils.

The Bottom Line: Increased Overall Profitability & Productivity
The combined result of the above factors are savings in material costs, reduced waste, higher yields per coil,
less downtime and a safer environment for your workers. SuperSpanders show returns immediately. So with
years of potential use, you’ll recover your investment over and over again.

Physical Properties

Oil & Abrasion Resistant
Allows you to handle all types of materials, cut or trimmed in any manner

Elongation & Compression Set Resistance
SuperSpanders are formulated for rigorous use. The chemical properties of
our proprietary synthetic rubber compound allow our coil expanders to stand-up to rigorous mandrel activities over a long product lifecycle.

Easy Installation
Installation and removal is quick and easy. One-man handling eliminates
downtime on the shop floor.

Size Selection
Menges offers a wide variety of standard sizes to choose from, so any mandrel
size or coil application can be accommodated. We also custom-manufacture
SuperSpanders to fit the unique configurations.

Many plant managers find it useful to have 3 or 4 SuperSpanders of
differing sizes on-hand and ready for instant use. When you’re ready
for any coil the purchasing department might order, everyone
looks good.

See how SuperSpanders can make you look like an all-star.

Call or click to start working with a Menges Sales Engineer today.

Menges SuperSpanders are
installed and removed easily by a single person. Slipped over the mandrel arm, these coil expanders
can be changed easily as different
coil sizes are loaded.

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