Rolls to Optimize Every Converting Process

Menges Roller Company has been serving the converting industry with innovative products and high-value services for over 40 years. This experience gives us the knowledge, skills and insight needed to provide real solutions to real challenges. Menges provides roller products and services that help you run faster, waste less and produce better products.

Menges Roller Serves Every Converting Industry Sector

  • Cast Film
  • Blown Film
  • Packaging
  • Laminating
  • Coating
  • Extruding
  • Non-Wovens
  • Paper

Making All Roller Types for Converters

  • Process Rolls of All Types & Sizes
  • Small to Large Rubber Covered Rolls
  • Web Spreader Rolls
  • Feed Rolls
  • Idler Rolls
  • Layon Rolls for Adhesives
  • Chill & Heat Transfer Rolls
  • Steel, Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Materials

Important Converting Industry Repair Services

  • Rollcover Stripping & Recovering with any elastomer
  • Core Repair: Regrinding & Rebuffing
  • Chrome Replating & Finishing (to mirror/any Ra value)
  • Acid Flushing of Heat-Transfer/Chill Rollers
  • Repairing Internal Parts on Heat-Transfer/Chill Rollers
  • Journal Repair & Replacement
  • Two-Plane Dynamic & Static Roller Balancing
  • Grooving & Parabolic Crowning
  • Elastomer Compounding & Testing Services


Covered Rolls
Menges is your one-step solution for roll covering & profiling, offering multiple rollcover compounds and many highly-effective groove & serration patterns.


Chill Rolls
Double-shelled spiral-baffle chill rolls and heat-transfer rolls like these are used increasingly by converters. Menges designs and fabricates some of the finest thermal rolls on the market.

orange roller   large process roller blue

Unlike many fabricators, we have in-house rollcovering capabilities. Our body of knowledge in rollcoverings spans 40 years, so we know what compound to recommend, how to apply it, and how to groove it for maximum efficiency.


One of our specialties is large process rollers. Over 18 feet long, this one was sent to us for refurbishing. We recovered with a premium elastomer and repaired the journal shafts.

Core Manufacturing - The Right Design for Your Application:

We provide new replacement cores via reverse-engineering your existing roller or from a drawing or schematic. Menges manufactures thousands of roll cores for OEM and after-market installations to be rubber covered or chrome plated. Our fabrication facility is exceptionally large, as are many of our machines, giving us the capacity to produce precision roller cores as long as 30 feet and up to 48 diameter.

Hardeshell Finish & Plating Options

  • Chrome (polished to mirror or any Ra value)
  • Nickel Plated
  • Standard Lathe Finish
  • Grit/Shot-Blasted Matte Finish
  • Machine-Cut Grooving
  • Tempered & Heat-Treated Options
  • Thermal Spray / Tungsten Carbide
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Stainless Steels & High-Grade Carbon Steels

Here with Matt Menges, each of these rollers is over 26 feet long. We made double-plated journal sets capable of withstanding incredible loads. To ensure peak performance on the job, we dynamically balanced these super-sized rolls. Few suppliers can build large rolls to such exacting specifications.

man building 3d design

Advanced CAD technology is employed to model performance dynamics and generate accurate prints.

  assortment of rollers

With one of the most complete fabrication facilities in the industry, Menges constructs all roller types: liveshaft, deadshaft, and recessed bore formats, as seen above.

roller being ground

This heat transfer roller - which serves on a laminating line in a flexible packaging operation - is being cylindrically ground in-house and will be re-plated with mirror-finish chrome.

  assortment of rollers

Precision-made liveshaft roller cores like these represent one of our key offerings. We manufacture cores up to 30 feet long and 48 inches in diameter - a capability beyond most competitors.

Grooving & Serration Services - Reduce Waste, Increase Uptime, Run Smoother

Menges Roller offers a multitude of grooving and serration options, each designed to solve particular problems in the handling and processing of paper, foil and film. Combined with the proper rollcovering compound, our precision-machined patterns cause substrates to feed smooth and flat. We can cover your roller with any compound on the market today - rubber, silicon or urethane-based. Menges can also formulate custom compounds to meet specific requirements.

These rollcovering & grooving options can be applied to new or refurbished rollers.

Our rolls help you take control of viscous liquids and gelatinous adhesives, making them layon even and thin.

menges web spreader MENGES WEB SPREADER
This roll is ideal for smoothing wrinkles in thin-gauge materials such as foils, paper and film. Available in durometers from 25 to 90 Shore A, it's tough enough for continuously running lines. Web spreaders usually run in idler positions, but they can be placed in almost any problem area. We can convert your existing roller to a web spreader or make a new roller with this very effective pattern.
menges herringbone MENGES HERRINGBONE
Used as not only a web spreader, but also as a feed roller, a Menges herringbone roller is ideal for boardly products such as SPS board, corrugated and other hard to feed/hard to align products. Paired with one of our proprietary rubber compounds – it will stand up to your harshest "in-feed" applications.
menges diamond serration DIAMOND SERRATION
Used for many applications, but most often in flexible packaging, this groove format performs superbly and is used by many OEMs as a layon roller. It has excellent channeling abilities to move air or liquid away from substrates.
menges fluted roller serrations FLUTED ROLLER SERRATIONS
This roller is used in applications where lateral serrations can be beneficial, such as spreading thicker adhesives and handling rigid or weighty stock. Your Menges sales engineer can advise you on which groove pattern would be most effective in solving your particular material handling problem. 
menges circumfrential serrations CIRCUMFRENTIAL SERRATIONS
This roller is very effective at aligning substrates for in-feed operations. It allows materials to pass between rollers without being crushed. Menges custom-serrated rollers can be used in pairs and may be strung to eliminate wrapping-up of substrates where webs change direction.

aluminum herringbone web spreaders

In addition to rubber web spreaders, we make aluminum herringbone web spreaders.

covered in hypalon 65

These are for a flexible packaging customer. We made the shafts, covered in Hypalon 65 (durometer Shore A) and grooved with our Menges herringbone pattern.

  matt menges with roller

We custom-made these roller cores, covered them with our Tiger Max thermal plastic urethane and then grooved each to perform a specific material handling task.

Mastering Chemical, Thermal & Physical Properties

Menges Roller is a market leader in elastomer development and use. In addition to covering with any formula on the market today, we can blend custom compounds based on your specific requirements.

Available Rollcovering Compounds (partial list)

  • Thermal Plastic Urethane / Tiger Max
  • Natural Rubber
  • Hypalon
  • Silicon & EPDM Silicon Blends
  • EPPM
  • Nitrile (NBR / BUNA)
  • Neoprene
  • Anti-Static Blends
  • Hypalon Blend for Corona Treatment uses
  • Viton (Fluoroelastomer)
  • FDA Approved coverings
  • Anti-Static Treatments
  • Acid & Alkali Resistant Compounds

Advanced Roller Technology for Converters - Chill & Heat-Transfer Rollers

Menges is at the leading edge of advanced heating and cooling technology for rollers used in cast film, extrusion, laminating and other converting-related sectors. Sometimes called "chill rolls" or "heat transfer rolls," we design, test and fabricate very specialized double-walled thermal rollers. Menges Thermal Rollers maintain constant temperatures to within +/- 1 °F.

Heated rolls are often used in gluing or laminating lines: the roller's heat greatly enhances the adhesive properties of glues. Heating materials quickly and evenly, our heat-transfer rolls are typically capable of maintaining temperatures up to 400 °F.

Chill rolls are primarily used to quickly cool previously-heated materials, saving time vs. waiting for materials to naturally cool. One key application is making materials "instantly rigid," essentially decreasing set times after partial melts or extrusion feeds.

Specs, materials and finishes can vary greatly, but thermal rollers are typically split into three categories:

Can Roller at 150

Single-Shell Design:
Also known as the "flow through" or "can" design, this economic thermal roller meets basic temperature control needs, and Menges Roller can engineer and manufacture these rollers to fit your exact size, finish and core specifications.



Double-Shell  Mono-Flow Configuration:
The roller core allows the heating/cooling liquid to flow in one end and out the other end of the roller. This configuration provides outstanding temperature control and our expertise in fabricating these rollers is unsurpassed.


Roller Comp 2 Double Shell DUO FLOW 150 dpi

Double-Shell  Duo-Flow Configuration:
The roller core contains one fitting, through which the heating/cooling liquid flows both in and out. This type of thermal roller offers excellent temperature control, while saving a bit of space on your production line floor.

This double-shelled heat-transfer roll has been chrome plated, polished to a low Ra, and is ready for use by a large converting facility. Our experience in designing, fabricating and finishing rolls such as this is unmatched. We made these nickel-plated chill rolls for an OEM. They will be part of an extruding line, and feature a monoflow design. Durability and precision workmanship are Menges allmarks, which is why so many OEMs count on us to produce their thermal rolls.

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Chill & Heat Transfer Roll Page

Thermal Rollers Repair & Maintenance Services

  • Acid Flushing & De-Scaling the Interior Chamber
  • Cylindrically Grinding & Re-Chrome Plating
  • Repair Journal Shafts & Bearing Races
  • Removing & Replacing the Entire Outer Shell
  • Inner-Compartment Repair & Modification
  • Two-Plane Dynamic & Static Balancing
  • Re-Engineering the Roll for a New Purpose

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Acid Flushing Page

Our acid flushing maintenance procedure could have this roller’s decline. We will now completely rebuilt its inner components and replace the outer shell.

Roll Crowning / Profiling - For Uniform Roller Contact, Contact Menges Roller

For rollers used in nip and squeegee applications, crowning can be the single most important factor in determining performance. Crowning counters the effects of roller deflection, which is basically a slight bending in the rollers. In a typical nip system, roller ends tend to make tight contact and squeeze the web material tightly, while the middle section will have airspace or play.

Figure 1 demonstrates this clearly.

Negative Effects of Non-Crowned Rollers are Easy to See:

  • Uneven distribution of adhesives between laminate layers
  • Coatings are spread unevenly
  • Poor web alignment
  • Downtime is increased
  • Rollcoverings wear-out quicker
  • Machines have a shorter lifespan

All these factors negatively effect product quality and your shop's reputation...but Menges Roller can help!

non-crowned rollers in nipping system

Figure 1 - Non-Crowned Rollers in Nipping System
In a nipping or squeegee system, if rollers are not crowned, converters will see uneven contact and pressure, resulting in poor laminating and decreased product quality.

Menges to the Rescue:

Menges Roller utilizes specialized software tied to advanced machinery to creates the perfect parabolic profile. Specifying a roller's crown must done cautiously - a few mils (.001") can make a huge difference - and Menges Roller is uniquely qualified to handle this complex task for converters.

To calculated the proper Cosine Curve, or diametric crown deficiency, we consider a numjber of factors, including operating load, desired nip pressure, roller specifications and other relevant throughputs.

Sometimes called "profiling," crowning is a service few fabricators can fulfill with our degree of accuracy.

properly crowned roller from menges   Figure 2 - A Properly Crowned Rollers from Menges
Although this illustration is exaggerated a bit to make the point, a crowned roller will have a parabolic arch, with the angle and size being determined by a range of factors

Testing Your Roller's Profile - Nip Impression Paper

At Menges Roller, rollers are our lifeblood and passion, which is why we've developed products to enhance and measure the performance of rollers for the converting industry. Our Nip Impression Paper is a breakthrough product that allows operators to measure the "even-ness" of nip pressure.

This special paper is inserted into your nipping crimp, where visible impressions are made to show areas of proper nip pressure or where contact is poor, indicating a need for profiling services. Available only from your Menges Roller Sales Engineer, this important product allows you to determine if rolls need to be crowned, reverse crowned, and in which portion of the roll.

balance image 1   balance image 2

Balanced is Better

Unbalanced rollers can cause damage to bearings and machinery. In some cases, poorly-balanced rolls can damage substrate stock.

Menges has invested heavily in sophisticated computer-interfaced alignment and balancing machines. Using this technology, every new roller is static and dynamically balanced, ensuring smooth and true functionality over long-term use.

We do offer our balancing services as an ala-carte service, and we are happy to balance your existing rolls. You'll see a decrease in vibrations, longer component life and a smoother flow of materials.

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Roll Balancing Page


The Menges Roller Team is here to help you improve your processes with roller products for every corner of your plant.

Whether you're laminating for plastic packaging, extruding to form sheets, or developing new uses for non-wovens, Menges Roller Company can help you run faster, waste less and produce better products.

Call or click now to get started.

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