Roller Repair

Core Repairs

We are a leader in repair and covering of your existing custom rollers. Our repair department is committed to exceeding your expectations of quality & delivery, all performed at competitive prices. Get a Free Quote or Contact Us for any questions about our roller repair services.

We offer complete repair of your worn or broken shafts:

Core Repair Services

  • Complete Journal Repair
  • Complete replacement of broken journals
  • Weld over size and turn to original specs
  • We use only the highest quality carbon and alloy steel available
  • Expert machinists & welding craftsmen
  • Emergency service
  • Repaired to original equipment tolerances

Roller Repair Process

Core Repair

Menges Machine begins with our engineering staff's complete review of your prints. If needed, we can assist you by making recommendations on gudgeon design, core wall thickness, bearing tolerances and more. Next, only the highest grade carbon steel or alloys are chosen for fabrication. By shrink fitting the journal ends or bearing seats into place, the entire assembly becomes one integral component ready for finish turning. The final part of the process entails double checking all critical dimensions and polishing the bearing surfaces to size. For high speed applications we also offer dynamic balancing that will ensure years of trouble free service. Contact us today if for a free quote on your roller core repair

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