Precision Grinding & Chrome Finishing Services

Precision components that run clean and true have always been important to manufacturing processes. With today’s materials and processes, this means industrial rollers must have exact OD measurements, ultra-clean surface finishes, and be able to run smoothly at high linespeeds.
Menges Roller offers industry-standard solutions to compliment all of these concerns.

Precision Grinding & Outside Diameter Modification:
Quite often, process problems can be traced to out-of-round rolls, incorrect outside diameters, and damaged roll finishes caused by abrasion or chipping. Negative effects on your products may include inconsistency or ‘waving’ in either the flatness of coil stock or in the thickness of coatings; this can lead to recurring defects, ill-fitting parts, and scar markings on laminated plastics, papers products, and thin-gage metals.

Our precision grinding services are a cost-effective means of 'truing-up' your worn rolls and rejuvenating the surface finish. We can modify the outside diameter to meet the roll’s original OEM specs or a custom measurement of your choosing. Tolerances within a thousandth of an inch can be achieved, and several polish options are available, including low Ra finishes such as mirror and mirror optical. Cylindrical grinding is often combined with chrome refinishing, nickel plating, anodizing, and the like.

Chrome Finishing & Replating:
If your rolls are chrome-plated, its important for that chrome to be in good condition. Roughed or worn chrome, even if small areas, can multiply into repeated surface defects on your company’s products. But Menges Roller can help.

We provide comprehensive chrome refinishing services, whereby the old chrome is carefully removed via precision grinding, new chrome is applied to meet your specific thickness requirements, and the new surface is polished to the required Ra value. This is an important procedure for many of our customers, especially those handling softer materials. You’ll see dramatic decreases in product defects and material waste.

Some rolls also suffer from weight and momentum imbalances, especially at higher speeds, which can result in uneven laminating and coating processes, as well as increased machine and bearing wear. Menges offers several balancing options which can be combined with precision grinding or chrome refurbishing services.

With our computer-assisted two-plane dynamic balancing, the roll is put in linespeed motion, which allows our engineers to perfectly balance the roll for your application. Visit our Roller Balancing page for more information regarding this efficiency-enhancing service.

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Roller Balancing Page
No matter what your roll’s condition, Menges can return it to original OEM specifications.
These rolls are for a coil processing customer. These are precision ground and will not be chromed. Undergoing final inspection, they will see years of
rugged use.
  As with most of the chill rolls we fabricate, this is chrome plated. Smooth, low-Ra chrome plating is essential for extruding lines and laminating processes.
Does Your Chrome Look Like This? We Can Help!

This chill roll’s chrome is badly chipped and worn.
To some customers, this looks like a major problem; but refurbishing surfaces like these is a standard operation at Menges Roller.
Cylindrical Grinding Did The Trick!

The customer was so satisfied with the results of our ultra-smooth-finish cylindrical grinding that they decided no chrome was needed; the roll was put back to work and is now generating outstanding smooth-finish results in a hot plastic application.
We fabricated this hollow-shell process roller for an OEM. It will be used on an extruding machine. It is chrome plated and finished to a low Ra. The rollface is over 9 feet long.   This double-shelled spiral-baffle chill roll has been recently chromed and is being inspected by a Menges technician using a surface roughness gage.
This double-shelled heat-transfer roller is being precision ground to an exact diameter, in preparation for chrome plating. Our process allows very small tolerances to be achieved.   Highly-accurate calipers and micrometers are employed to ensure customer-specified diameters are achieved. With over 40 years in rollers, we understand the need for steadfast compliance to schematics and prints.
We know every roller is different, so we offer custom serration and stepped-face options. Contact your Menges Sales Enginner to discuss your project’s requirements   This finished deadshaft roller, here without its bearing assembly, was fabricated, serrated, chorme-plated and polished at our main facility in Wauconda, Illinois, near Chicago.

Here a dial indicator is being used to reflect the “roundness” of a roll’s outer shell. Our technicians are supplied with the industry’s top devices as they pursue engineering perfection.
This heat-transfer roll has been chrome plated and is in the polishing stage. It will be polished to achieve the customer-specified Ra value.


The Menges team of Sales Engineers and Technicians is available to discuss your unique process challenges. Our solutions in Cylindrical Grinding, Chrome Plating and Roller Balancing compliment our complete lineup of fabrication and repair offerings. Call or click to get started on roller solutions that will have you running faster and smoother.

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