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Our new line of Marathon Thermal Spray Coatings is a family of metallic based roller coatings which can provide thousands of roller solutions for any application. Our Marathon Thermal Spray Coatings family of roller coatings provides industry leading performance in web handling solutions, such as tracking and release; and also provide unparalleled wear and corrosion protection. They also provide longevity that is unmatched by any other roller coating solution; they are called Marathon for a reason!

The Marathon Thermal Spray Coatings has a solution for all of your roller coating needs:

  • Marathon Slip Lube:
    Marathon Slip Lube is our line of new, High-Release Coatings. Slip Lube provides a completely non-stick surface so that your rollers or parts can come into contact with the stickiest of substrates, molten plastics, or adhesives and relase with ease.
  • Marathon Anti-Corrosion:
    The Marathon Anti-Corrosion line of coatings is designed with your specific process in mind with a Ceramic, Nickel, or Stanless base. This coating not only eliminates corrosion, but is also offers longer life and drastically reduced weight since lighter alloys can be used in situations where corrosion resistance is required.
  • Marathon Web Track:
    Marathon Web Track coatings do just what their name suggests, they eliminate slippage so that your web will not wander from side to side, causing problems due to improper web alignment. In addition, its textured surface can be either anti-skid or traction gripping depending on your specific needs.
  • Marathon Wear Resist:
    Marathon Wear Resist is a very versatile, Tungsten Carbide based coating which eliminates wear from rolls or parts that come in contact with abrasive substrates. This line of coatings also allows for lighter, less expensive materials to be used to make many costly parts, which can then be coated for increased life.

Marathon Thermal Spray Coating Benefits:

  • Improved Traction
  • Non-Stick, High Release
  • Surface Hardness & Wear Resistance
  • Corrosion and Oxidation Protection
  • Anti-Static
  • More information can be found in the Marathon brochure here.
  • To Order or more information call 1-888-856-1753 or Contact Us.

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