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 Solutions for Paper & Paperboard Industries

Unique Products & Services Make Menges a Valued Partner

Menges Roller Company provides the pulp & paper sector with a valuable blend of product & service offerings.

With a capacity that extends to 10 meters (33 ft.), we manufacture the large-format rollers used in paper mills.

Our services include everything from recovering of rubber rollers to repairs (such as journal replacement), grooving, balancing, and a nice array of chill roll refinishing & maintenance services.

Located just 15 minutes from the Wisconsin border – Menges Roller has served the paper industry for 40+ years.

Then speak to a Menges Engineer: we’ll get to work cleaning-up those worn rollers or manufacturing new ones.

At Menges Roller Company, paper mills and paperboard manufacturers rely on us to manufacture new rubber rollers, grooved and crowned, as this example with black synthetic rubber.

Rubber Roller Manufacturing

For the paper industry, who utilize large rollers similar to this example, Menges Roller manufactures a high-performance double-endplate model, which is available with or without a rubber cover.

Process Roller Manufacturing

For aluminum rollers used in the paper industry, grooves and serrations can be of substantial benefit for air removal and better web handling, which is why Menges Roller offers grooving of aluminum industrial rollers.

Grooved Rollers

For factories in the paper lamination industry, Menges Roller offers a numer of chil roll and heat transfer roller products which improve adhesive layon and curing.

Chill Rollers



  • Rubber Rollers: Menges manufactures new rubber rollers of all types, offering dozens of rollcover compounds
  • Large Proccess Rollers: One of our key specialties is large-format rollers. Our capacity runs to 33 feet.
  • Chill Rollers: We’re leaders in double-shell rollers, with hot & cold-application rollers for laminating, coating, etc.
  • Grooved Rollers: Menges Roller imparts precision groove patterns on rubber and aluminum rollers
  • Nip Impression Paper: This handy product helps troubleshoot nip system pressure problems
Rubber covers tend to wear off on paper industry rollers, so Menges Roller Company offers a seamless rollcover replacement program, complete with crowning and grooving services.

Re-Cover Services

Calendar rollers for the paper industry require extensive grinding to resurface the outside diameter, which is why Menges Roller Company offers OD grinding for all types of steel industrial rollers, as seen here.

Calendar Roll Grinding

Paper industry rollers tend to run at high linespeeds, which is why Menges Roller offers dynamic balancing of rubber rollers and steel idler rollers for the paper and paperboard industry.

High Speed Balancing

Because many processors in the paper and paperboard industry require friction on their industrial rollers, Menges Roller offers acid etched, shot blasted and other specialty mat finishes, as seen here.

Durable Specialty Finishes



With the paper industry utilizing synthetic rubbers for roller covers, Menges Roller services this market with over 50 synthetic, urethane and silicone compounds to be used as roll jackets.

This large process roll has been covered with EPDM, a popular rollcover for the paper industry.


New rollers from Menges are used by OEMs, mills and converters.

  • Design, Manufacturing & Covering of New Rollers
  • Designed to Meet Your Exact Specs, for Any Application
  • Natural & Synthetic Rubbers
  • Silicones in High-Release & Heat-Resistant Formulas
  • EPDM, Hypalon, Nitrile, Urethnes & More
  • Crowning, Grooving & High-Polish Finish Options
  • High-Speed Balancing Available
  • Rubber Rollers Page
With new roller manufacturing being one of Menges Roller’s primary business divisions, and the paper industry being a primary market, rollers like this are a regular product that is delivered by our Wauconda facility.

They’re not only big – they’re built to precision specifications. A tech uses an OD caliper to check diameter, accurate to .001 inch.


Menges is your best choice for large paper industry process rolls.

  • Double and Triple-Endplate Designs
  • Carbon & Stainless Steels
  • Length Capacity to 10 Meters (32.8 feet)
  • Specialized Finishes Available (chrome, plasma, etc.)
  • Precision OD Grinding Ensures Exact Diameters
  • For Production Line Rebuilds, Replacement Rolls, OEMs
  • Designed using FEA & Solid Stress Analysis (strength modeling)
  • Large Process Rollers Page
Because chill rollers are sometimes used by paper laminating companies, Menges Roller has made best efforts to serve this community with special double-shelled, liquid-filled rollers to meet unique pulp and corrugated needs.

Menges Roller built these twin chill rolls for a paper industry OEM. These feature a monoflow design with a chrome plated, low-Ra finish.


If your process requires hot or cold rolls, don’t take chances – go with Menges and go with the leader in double-shell technology.

  • Double-Shell, Spiral-Baffle Designs
  • Mono-Flow and Duo-Flow Configurations
  • Designed with Award-Winning CFD Thermal Modeling Technology
  • Capable of Temps from 20-600°F (10-315°C)
  • Exact & Even Temperatures: Variances to +/-1 degree
  • Chrome, Nickle and Specialty Finishes Available
  • Utilized by Leading OEMs and Converters
  • Custom-Fabricated to Meet Your Exact Thermal Specs
  • Heat Transfer Rollers Page
With grooved rollers for the paper industry being such an important product for pulp, paperboard and corrugated product manufacturers, Menges Roller has decided to offer a number of grooving options for rubber rollers and aluminum work rollers used in these factories.

Aluminum deadshaft cores grooved with a chevron pattern for a large paper converter in the midwest.


Few roller companies match our material capabilities & skill in grooving for this special value-added service.

  • For Rubber-Covered or Aluminum Rollers
  • Precision Milled with Computer-Controlled (CNC) Machines
  • Diamond, Herringbone, Chevron, Spiral, Parallel & More
  • For Liveshaft or Deadshaft Rollers
  • May Be Combined with Recovers, Crowning or Balancing
  • Grooving Services Page
Nipping systems for the paper industry can substantially benefit from a product produced by Menges Roller Company known as Proof-Nip Impression Paper, which measures pinch pressure and crown profiles.

Correcting uneven nip pressure just got easier – with Menges Proof Nip Impression Paper.


This special laminate helps test your nip’s pressure profile and determine the optimal crown profile.

  • Pressure-Sensitive Laminated Paper Product
  • Inserted Directly into Nip System
  • Visually Shows Areas of High Pressure & Low Pressure
  • Helps Engineers Design Proper Crown Dimensions
  • The First Step in Producing Even & Consistent Nip Pressure
  • Nip Impression Paper Page




We’ll recover your roller with the high-performance elastomer of your choice, or blend a custom compound to meet your unique needs.

  • Dozens of Compounds Available
  • Silicones in High-Release and Heat-Resistant Blends
  • EPDM, Hypalon, Nitrile, and More
  • Urethanes including Tiger Max (abrasion & chemical resistant)
  • Blended to Meet Your Durometer (20-90 Shore A)
  • Finished with Groove, Crown & High-Polish Options
  • Balanced to Customer-Specified Linespeed
  • Recover Services Page
With large rollers, such as couch rollers and felt rolls being so extensively used in the paper manufacturing industry, Menges Roller has decided to make, recover and services these types of products.

Recovering of felt rolls, couch rolls, rewind spools and other work rolls – with any rubber – is what Menges Roller does every day.


Very few roller companies have this capacity – one of our most valuable services for the pulp & paper industry.

  • Uniform Removal of Very Small Material Increments
  • To “True-Up” Out-of-Round Rollers
  • Reduces TIR (runout) of the Roller
  • Provides a Very Smooth / Low-Ra Finish
  • Perfect for Calendar Rollers or Those Requiring Exact OD
  • Also Removes Old Chrome Plate (for chrome replating projects)
  • Precision Grinding Services Page
With calendar rollers being suchan important component of a paper mill, Menges Roller has decided to manufacture and service calendar rolls with OD grinding and surface refinishing.

Calendar Rolls – Before & After OD Grinding. Menges gives worn calendar rolls new life!


To enhance the material handling characteristics of your roller.

  • For Rubber-Covered or Aluminum Rollers
  • Rubber Rolls Grooved at Time of Recovering
  • Grooves Made with Computer Controlled (CNC) Machines
  • Diamond, Herringbone, Chevron, Spiral, Parallel & More
  • For Liveshaft or Deadshaft Rollers
  • May Be Combined with Crowning or Polishing
  • Grooving Services Page
Grooving of silicone rollers and urethane covers for the paper industry is a service provided by Menges Roller Company out of their Chicago area headquarters and repair facility.

Menges offers computer-controlled precision grooving services, with a wide variety of groove & serration pattern options.


Crowns are an important feature of many paper industry rollers.

  • Parabolic Crowns Stretch the Material Flat
  • Parabolics also ‘Even-Out’ Nip Pressure
  • Extra-Long Rollers may also Require Parabolic Crowns
  • Reverse-Parabolics Improve ‘Steering’ Properties
  • Machined using Computer-Controlled (CNC) Machines
  • Crowns may be Formed an Any Rubber Roller
  • Crowning Services Page
Crowning of large industrial rollers is a service provided by Menges Roller for nip and pinch roller systems, but also for new industrial rolls that are long and incur deflection, as this example illustrates.

Many paper industry rollers are crowned, slightly stretching the web – reducing the wrinkling, fluttering & tearing that leads to line stoppages.


Balancing is critical to the paper industry, given the high linespeeds.

  • Two-Plane Dynamic Balancing at Specific Linespeeds
  • Roller is Balanced & Tested at Full Rotary Motion
  • Performed using Computer Controlled Balancing Machines
  • Balancing Prevents Roller & Machine Vibration
  • Static Balancing also Available (loping prevention)
  • New Rollers are Pre-Balanced & Finish Balanced
  • For Rubber Rollers, Chill Rollers, All Process Rollers
  • Balancing Services Page
Balancing industrial rollers is critically important, especially for paper and corrugated plants, because of the high speeds, so Menges Roller offers a host of vibration elimination and balancing options for rubber and steel and aluminum rollers.

Balancing of paper mill rolls is imperative, given their high speeds. We use advanced computer-controlled balancing systems.


Menges offers the most comprehensive repair facility in the business.

  • Journal Repair & Replacement
  • Precision Fabrication of New Journals
  • Shrink-Fit Techniques & Wire-Fed MIG Welding
  • Core Repairs & Modifications
  • Bearing Race Resurfacing
  • Re-Threading of Siphon Tubes & Fitments
  • Repairs often Accompany Recovers, New Chrome, etc.
  • Roller Repair Services
Repair of industrial rollers is very important, especially for blind drill and table rolls, since the journals require replacement, so Menges Roller is happy to offer these services to all paper and paperboard proccessors.

Menges has the most complete roller repair facility in the business. Here we’re using a freeze technique on a journal replacement project.


We offer a variety of protective finishes & plating options.

  • For New Rollers or as Refurbishing Service
  • Plasma / Thermal Sprayed Coats
  • Tungsten Carbide and More
  • Chrome (polished to mirror or any Ra value)
  • Nickel and Corrosion Protection Options
  • Matte Finishes with Acid Etching & Shot Blasting
  • Specialty Finishes Page
Plasma roller covers, which include flame sprayed and tungsten options, are offered by Menges Roller under their Marathon division, which also offers nickle plating for industrial rollers.

This tungsten carbide plasma coat is just one of several ultra-durable hardshell finishes Menges offers for chill rolls and steel process rollers.


Menges has an award-winning engineering department, designing rollers to meet exact performance requirements.

  • Solid Stress Analysis & FEA for Strength Testing
  • Increases Safety Factor & Prevents Under-Engineering
  • Perfect for High-Pressure Nip Systems & Load Bearers
  • CFD Thermal Modeling for Chill / Heat Transfer Rollers
  • CFD Models Guarantee Target Temperature Achievement
  • Ensure Low Temperature Variation (+/- 1°)
  • Design & Engineering Services Page
Roller design and engineering is completed, at Menges Roller, by a staff of certified mechanical engineers and CAD draftsmen, which also have certifications using CFD models (computational fluid dynamics) and FEA, which is a solid stress analysis application for industrial and rubber rollers.

Paper industry rollers encounter tremendous stress & journal breakage is prevalent. But with Menges’ modeling services, new rollers are tested for strength & load-bearing before they’re made!


Extend chill roll life with this important maintenance service.

  • Recommended as an Annual Maintenance Service
  • Flushes Coagulated Chemicals, Rust and Mineral Scale
  • For All Liquid-Filled Chill / Heat Transfer Rolls
  • Menges uses Specially-Formulated Chemicals
  • Increases Flow-Rates & Improves Thermal Transfer
  • Extends Overall Life of Roller
  • Acid Flushing Services
With acid flushing services being of substantial benefit to heat transfer chill rolls in the paper industry, Menges Roller is offering a complete acid washing service for any roller requiring clog reduction, higher flowrates, and improved thermal transfer.

Annual acid flushing of chill rollers prevents coagulant buildup & maintains thermal transfer performance.


Menges offers in-house roller pickup & delivery services.

  • In-House Trucking Covering Wide Delivery Zones
  • Reduces Turnaround Times & Eliminates Downtime
  • Company-Owned Trucks & Menges Employees (no contractors)
  • Ensures Proper Handling of Your Rollers
  • Trucking & Shipping to Cover North America & Global Locations
  • Submit Your Project for Quote
With delivery and pickup services for industrial rollers being offered by Menges, we also offer rubber roller refurbishing as an option, which customers appreciate, as you can see by these smiling faces.

Menges trucks & employees ensure your roller is handled properly and turnaround times are quick!


Menges Roller Company has over 40 years of experience in the pulp & paper industry.

Our extra-large capacity suits the needs of those extra-large paper mill rollers.

And our wide selection of rollcover compounds means plant managers get exactly what they need.

Plus, with our extensive repair capabilities, we make sure your rollers are in solid working order.

Call 847-487-8877 or click today to contact one of our knowledgable, friendly engineers.

We can help you run faster, reduce wasste, and produce better products.

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