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Carbon Fiber Rollers

A Lightweight Solution That’s Perfect for Low-Load Applications

Carbon fiber has an outstanding strength to weight ratio, and Menges Roller offers a range of composite tube options, journal and insert options, as well as rubber-covering & surface finish options.

Our carbon fiber rollers may be smooth-finished to an exact OD or covered with rubber, which may be grooved, serrated or crowned.  All rolls are balanced for vibration-free rotary motion.

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Menges Roller manufactures carbon fiber industrial rollers, which are sometimes called composite rollers, and sells these lightweight industrial rollers to plastic converting operations, pulp & paper mills, and nonwovens customers worldwide.

This is a fairly typical carbon fiber idler. These feature a lightweight composite tube with aluminum or steel inserts, either liveshaft or deadshaft (this is liveshaft).

This is a picture of a carbon fiber roller from Menges Roller Company, and this particular industrial roller is special because it has a synthetic rubber rollcover, which has been vulcanized and finished to a precise OD.

For rubber-covered carbon fiber rollers, vulcanizing knowledge is critical. Our technicians know how to prevent tube deformation while generating perfect rubber covers.


  • Menges Roller offers advanced carbon fiber and composite materials with low weight & high strength profiles
  • Deadshaft and liveshaft journals available, with all inserts & shafts manufactured and installed by Menges Roller
  • Carbon fiber rollers may be rubber covered or an exposed fiber finish (which is precision ground)
  • Rubber rollcovering of carbon fiber rollers requires unique vulcanizing knowledge, available exclusively at Menges
  • Using computer-controlled CNC finishing, Menges achieves very exact OD tolerances on carbon tubes
  • Several roughness & surface finish options are available, matched to suit your friction requirements
Carbon fiber rollers from Menges Roller Company may be manufactured to any format, and this picture shows a long carbon roller with steel inserts, which will benefit the paper mill in which it will be installed.

End: This carbon fiber roller, 10″ x 120″, features steel inserts & bolt-on journals manufactured & installed by Menges. This roller will not be rubber covered and is ready for service.

Menges Roller manufactures shafts for carbon fiber rollers, sometimes called journals, and installs the ends into the roller before precision grinding the product and shipping it to the customer.

Face: The rollface has been smoothed and leveled via Menges’ computer-controlled CNC precision finishing service. We offer several surface finish & ‘smoothness’ options.

This picture shows a carbon fiber roller tube from Menges Roller Company before it is completely finished and has its steel inserts installed.

Unfinished: These carbon fiber tubes are still raw. Menges will finish the rollface, then fabricate & install jounal inserts.

Menges Roller manufactures aluminum inserts for carbon fiber rollers, and this picture shows a good example of these precision components, properly installed, and ready for sale and delivery to a converting plant for film manufcaturing facility.

Ready for Rubber: The carbon fiber tubes have been precision ground and feature new deadshaft aluminum inserts.

 As a full-service roller company, Menges offers a full range of support services, targeting each aspect of the roll.
Carbon fiber rollers from Menges Roller Company are sometimes covered in rubber or urethane, and thislink shows how different elastaomers can be applied, including silicones and synthetic rubbers. Rubber Rollers Page

  • All Types of Covered Rollers
  • Many Groove & Finish Options
Carbon fiber rollers made at Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois are sometimes rubber covered and grooved, and this picture explains these important industrial roller services. Grooving & Serrating Services

  • For All Rubber Rollers
  • Multiple Pattern Options
Carbon fiber rollers, manufactured by Menges Roller Company, can be rubber covered and serrated, then used in a wrinkle removing function, which is also recognized as a web spreader function. Wrinkle Removing Rollers

  • Web Spreader Rollers
  • Spiral Serrated Rollers
Menges Roller Company sells carbon fiber rollers which are balanced and ready to perform in any process. Balancing Services

  • Eliminates Vibration & Loping
  • Reduces Material Damage


Carbon fiber rollers are perfect for standard idler positions and basic web handling needs. 

And the Menges Team is your best source for new carbon fiber rollers and composite roller services.

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