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Contact Rollers

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In today’s wide belt polishing plants, Menges Roller Company has found the key technical factors for contact rollers – including durometer, land-groove ratio, and rubber compound selection – are confusing for even to the most experienced plant personnel. But the Menges Engineers have over 40 years understanding these complex inputs.

We can manufacture a new contact roll for you as a complete core and cover, or we can recover your existing contact rolls. Either way, you’ll benefit from our expertise. Improper selection of contact roll specifications can cost you in production speed, abrasive costs, undesirable stock removal, and poor finishes.

Don’t just guess. Rely on Menges and get the highest-performing, longest lasting, most efficient contact roller available.

This image shows a new contact roller manufactured by Menges Roller Company, featuring grooved nitrile rubber, precision diameter roller core, and industrial roller journals with keyways.

Example of new “core & cover”: designed, fabricated, covered & grooved to our customer’s specifications. The roll is driven: note the keyway. This roller will drive a large polishing belt.

Durometer: Rollcover Hardness

Durometer is critical. The harder the compound, the higher the durometer. All compounds are available in variable durometers, so even if you know you want Nitrile, for example, you still need to decide on the durometer.

SOFT DUROMETERS – (15-50 Shore A) Used when aggressive stock removal is not of primary concern, but even processing of irregular surfaces is the goal. For fine finsihes, softer rollcovers are best.

MEDIUM DUROMETERS – (60-80 Shore A) These rollcovers achieve a median between hard and soft durometers. The roller will tend to achieve good stock removal while still conforming to work surface contours.

HARD DUROMETERS – (85-95 Shore A) Hard rollcovers are used for aggressive stock removal or when precision tolerances are critical.

This contact roller was manufactured by Menges Roller, and is a specialized type of industrial roller, sometimes call an infeed roller it has a rubber cover and a spiral groove plus the roller has been balanced for high-speed operation in a wood processing plant.

Black nitrile is one of our most popular rollcovers. This medium-size contact roller also has a continuous end-to-end spiral groove.

Menges Roller designed this contact-style industrial roller with a special groove format in the rubber cover, which is made of hypalon, and will be used ina paperboard manufacturing process.

This 16 inch diameter contact roll features both left & right hand grooves in a chevron pattern on a hypalon rollcover.

Groove Angle & Direction:

For belt grinding operations, grooves should run opposed to the belt splice, which prevents the belt splice from getting stuck in the groove land.

60 DEGREE GROOVE: The maximum practical angle, it is used for heavy stock removal,where finish marks not a concern. Belt life is reduced, but cut rates are rapid.

45 DEGREE GROOVE: The most common groove angle, it gives good stock removal rates and a suitable finish.

30 DEGREE GROOVE: Used where a better finish is needed, it is less likely to generate marks and delivers reasonable stock removal rates.

PLAIN FACED (NO GROOVES): Almost exclusively for polishing & fine finishing, with minimal stock removal.

This illustration shows the various factors used by Menges Roller Company, a leader in industrial roller manufacturing, to groove rubber rollers and apply spiral serrations in silicone rollers.

Factors to consider when designing a groove.

This picture shows a contact roller, a type of heavy-duty rubber roller manufactured by Menges Roller, which features a new rubber cover and a spiral groove, which will be useful in its function in a steel polishing plant.

This contact roller has a shallow but wide groove and a very wide land. With this setup, the roller only needs recovering once a year, saving the customer money and downtime.

This roller was re-covered at Menges Roller then grooved to meet the customer’s unique needs.

A Menges Technician is double-checking the outside diameter of a 10 foot long contact roll that came in for recovering and grooving. Note the radius cut, as opposed to a standard square cut.

This illustration shows the radius for a groove to be cut on a rubber industrial roller  at Menges Rolelr Company, a supplier of many types of industrial rollers.

Radius Cut Groove

The two types of groove cuts: radius and square cut.

Square profiles are offered by most roller companies, and are sufficient for basic requirements.

But for harsh applications, Menges offers radius-cut grooves, which are stronger & have less breakage.

This illustration shows a square-cut groove for a rubber roller, a type of industrial roller, manufactured at Menges Roller Company near Chicago Illinois.

Square Cut Groove


As a full-service roller company, Menges Roller offers a full range of support services, targeting each aspect of the roller.
Contact rollers sometimes require crowns, especially if they are rubber rollers, and this picture links to related services provided by Menges Roller. Precision Crowning

  • Parabolic & Reverse Parabolics
  • To Enhance Material Handling
Contact rollers are an important type of industrial rubber roller which often requires high speed balancing - and Menges Roller offers these services, for which this link leads to additional information. Roller Balancing

  • Dynamic & Static Balancing
  • For Smooth-Running Rollers
Contact rollers are a type of rubber industrial roller requiring grooves, and this picture links to grooving services provided by Menges Roller Company in Waucona Illinois. Grooving & Serrating Services

  • Many Patterns Available
  • For Any Rubber Covered Roller
This pictures is a link to rubber roller recovering services from Menges Roller Company, which offers new covers for all types of industrial rollers used in the plastics, paper, steel, and nonwovens sectors. Rubber Re-Cover Services

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We’ll Give Them New Life



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