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Heat Transfer Rolls & Chill Rolls

Advanced Thermal Roller Technology from Menges

Menges Roller is a leading manufacturer of heat transfer rollers, serving many industries and sub-sectors.

Heat transfer rollers, also called ‘chill rolls,’ are designed to cool or heat materials to a specific temperature.

These are liquid-filled rollers, usually double-shelled with thermal fluid circulating between the two shells.

Many of today’s high-tech manufacturing & converting processes require very specific temperature modification – and this is where Menges Roller excels.

Menges won Technology of the Year (AIMCAL) for using Computational Fluid Dynamics to design chill rolls.

Menges Engineers utilize this technology to guaranteed to target temperatures, with variances as low as +/-1 degree.

To ensure completely dependable performance, we employ proven fabrication techniques – tested through years of product development – so our rollers never leak and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Heat transfer rollers and chill rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company are among the top-performing chill and heat rollers in the plastic, steel and paper industries.

Matt Menges with four stainless steel rolls, two of which are double-shelled heat transfer rollers. We maintain very tight tolerances & accurate thermals even on large heat transfer rolls.

Watch this video about Menges Roller’s heat transfer roll technology – featuring our award winning thermal modeling, multiple roller designs, and specialty finishes.
Doublle shelled rollers manufactured by Menges Roller company are called heat transfer rollers or chill rollers, and they are used in laminating, extruding, curing and other converting applications.

These twin heat transfer rollers will work together: one is designed to turn clockwise, the other will turn counter-clockwise.

Heat transfer rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company are used throughout the plastic converting industry and flexible packaging industry, and feature chrome plating, spiral wraps and usually a double-shell configuration.

This finish is optical mirror chrome, or ‘super finish.’ With an Ra value of less than one, it maintains smooth finishes on hot plastic.


  • Manufactured for OEMs and end-users; replacement rolls made from prints or reverse-engineering existing roller
  • Even temperature across rollface (+/- 1 degree), maintainable over long production runs & linespeed variations
  • Designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) thermal models & Finite Element Analysis (FEA) strength tests
  • Variety of coatings & finishes available: chrome & mirror-finishes, nickel, flame-sprayed and silicone-covered
  • Dynamically balanced for smooth rotary motion, and structurally optimized for long life & minimal maintenance
  • Large sizes are a Menges specialty: we manufacture heat transfer rolls up to 48 inches in diameter & 33 feet long
Menges Roller designs heat transfer rollers using computational fluid dynamics (using CFD Models) which results in superior performance and exact temperature modification in these thermal industrial rollers, used in a variety of industries.

By utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technology, Menges Engineers can design rollers that meet very specific temperature profiles, with as little as +/- 1 degree temp variance.

Heat transfer rollers are manufactured and designed by Menges Roller Company, and FEA stress testing is a critical step in this process, as high-performance and even cooling or heating are the goal.

We use a technology known as Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test roller strength & load bearing capacities, ensuring each roller withstands the rigors of demanding use over extended periods.


With 40+ years of experience, Menges Roller truly understand the best practices for implementing hot & cold rollers.

Whether you’re an OEM designing a new machine or a plant manager seeking equipment updates, Menges can help.

Our double-shell, spiral-baffle design is the industry standard for advanced temperature modification. Components and finishes vary from roll to roll, but most double-shell rolls fit into either Mono-Flow or Duo-Flow categories.

Speak to a Menges Engineer to discuss exactly which configuration is most appropriate for your application.

Mono-flow heat transfer rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company are famous for having very high flowrates and excellent thermal modification traits, thanks to the outstanding industrial roller design services provided by the Menges Engineering Staff.

Double-Shell Mono-Flow Configuration:
With the mono-flow design, thermal transfer fluids enter one journal bore and exit the opposite journal bore. This configuration provides high flowrates and outstanding temperature control. Our expertise in fabricating these rollers is simply unsurpassed.


The dou-flow heat transfer chill roller, manufactured and designed by Menges Roller, has been recognized across the converting industry for its very uniform heating and cooling capabilities.

Double-Shell Duo-Flow Configuration:
With the duo-flow, thermal transfer fluid flows both in and out of the same journal bore. This is made possible by a special rotary union. This type of roller offers excellent temperature control, and the Menges Team is expert at manufacturing this comparatively complex design.


Heat transfer rollers and chill roller from Menges Roller Company are known for their performance in converting applications because they offer single and double shell designs, each offering outstanding thermal modification.

Single-Shell Design:
Also known as the “flow through” or “can” design, this economic thermal roller meets basic temperature control needs. Menges Roller can engineer and manufacture these rollers to fit your exact size and finish specifications.

A large heat transfer rollers made by Menges Roller is seen here. This chrome-plated mono-flow design was made by Menges for a leading plastic packaging company. Liquid-filled thermal rollers (chill rolls) and (heat transfer rolls) are a Menges Roller specialty.

This large heat transfer roller was fabricated by Menges for a leading plastics company. It features a double-shell, spiral-baffle, mono-flow design with optical-mirror finish. The roller face is over 7 feet in length & 30 inches in diameter.

Heat transfer and chill rollers manufactured by Menges Roller are sold with a variety of finishes, including chrome plate, nickle plate, flame-sprayed finishes (including plasm spray), and a variety of matte finishes.

This chrome-plated chill roll features a duo-flow design, meaning the fluid flows both in and out the same end. The chrome is polished to 30 Ra value, which is not quite mirror finish, but very smooth and acceptable for many applications.


Many of our rollers are used in unique processes, so we offer a range of specialty finishes to meet any need:

  • Chrome Plated (Polished to any RA Value, including mirror, optical mirror and super-finish options)
  • Nickel Plated (to resist corrosion: may also be applied to interior chamber)
  • Grit/Shot-Blasted Matte Finish
  • Standard Lathe Finish
  • Machine-Cut Grooved
  • Tempered & Hardened Treatments
  • Matte & Croydon Finishes
  • Thermal Spray & Plasma Coating, including Tungsten Carbide
  • Silicone or Thermal-Plastic Rollcovers, including Heat-Resistant, High-Release Silicone
Menges Roller provides chrome refinishing services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls, and this roller features Croydon chrome finish, applied at Megnes Roller’s facility in Wauconda, Illinois.

This chill roll was not manufactured by Menges, but we did apply this unique Croydon matte finish. We also performed a complete acid flushing procedure to maintain good fluid flow.

Menges Roller Company manufactures chill rolls and heat transfer rollers that include silicone rollcovers, and this roller is an excellent example of this type of industrial roller.

This heat transfer roller has been covered in a heat-resistant silicone. At Menges, very few rollers are ‘standard’ as each one serves a unique function in our customers’ plant.

Heat transfer rollers and chill rollers sold by Menges Roller Company feature double-shelled, liquid-filled design s and are used in a variety of converting applications such as laminating of blown film.

These chill rolls have a high-volume monoflow design and 15 Ra chrome. Only Menges combines advanced thermal tech, industry-leading fabrication, and premium finishes.

Heat transfer rollers and chill rolls supplied to the converting industry by Menges Roller feature specialty finishes, including nickle plating, chrome, and plasma coatings, which is why Menges is considered a leater in industrial rollers.

We manufactured these twin rolls for a large OEM. The majority of our chill rolls are chrome plated, but these are nickel plated. Customization is our middle name.

Chill roller manufacturing for paper industry by menges roller company laminating heat transfer

This long chill roll is a duo-flow design, meaning the water flows in and out of the same end (not the end seen here). Menges Roller is your source for this complex design.

Large chill roller manufacturing is a specialty at menges roller company, a leader in designing and making industrial rollers for the paper and plastics markets

Menges Roller Company works extensively with the geosynthetics and nonwovens market, as we made these 3 chill rolls for a new industrial fabrics operation.

 As a full-service roller company, Menges offers a full range of support services, targeting each aspect of the roll.
Menges Roller is a leading manufactrurer of chill rolls and heat transfer rollers because Menges Roller’s design and engineering services provide outstanding thermal models and industrial roller designs. Roller Design & Engineering

  • Award Winning Design Services
  • For Perfect Temperatures
Chill rolls, which are often called heat transfer rollers, may be rebuilt or refurbished, and Menges Roller Company provides these services at their large industrial roller service center in Wauconda Illinois. Heat Transfer Roll Rebuilding

  • Menges Can Rebuild Your Roll
  • Less Expensive Than New Roll
Menges Roller provides chrome plating services for chill rolls and heat transfer rollers as part of Menges’ comprehensive offering of industrial roller repair and refurbishing services for the converting industry, paper industry and steel industry. Chrome & Specialty Finishes

  • For New & Refurbished Rollers
  • Mirror Chrome, Nickel & More
As part of an extensive offering of chill roll and heat transfer roller service offerings, Menges Roller Company provides acid washing services, which are also called Acid Flushing services. Acid Flushing of Liquid-Filled Rollers

  • Important Maintenance Procedure
  • Flushes Away Clogs & Coagulants
Grinding and polishing of industrial rollers is provided by Menges Roller company, and these services are usually part of chrome refinishing and replating services which are directed toward converting operations and coil coating operations. Cylindrical Grinding & Polishing

  • Part of Chrome Re-Plating Jobs
  • Or to True-Up Out of Round Rolls
To optimize the performance of their chill rolls and heat transfer rolls, Menges Roller Company recommends their thermal rollers utilize Paratherm Heat Transfer Fluids. Thermal Transfer Fluids

  • We Work Exclusively with Paratherm
  • Fluids to Match Any Application
Menges Roller company sells protective covers for chill rollers and heat transfer rollers, and these covers are perfect for chrome-plated chill rolls and high-performance rubber rollers. Protective Roller Covers

  • Protect Your Chrome Finish
  • Custom Fit Padded Rollcovers
Heat transfer rollers and chill rolls from Menges Roller benefit from pairing with chillers and temperature control units from Delta T Systems, which provides a wide range of heating and cooling units for thermal transfer fluids. Chillers & Temperature Control Units

  • Custom Chiller & Heating Units
  • Work Perfectly with Menges Rolls


The Menges Team will analyze your needs to determine the optimal roll configuration for your application.

Call 847-487-8877 or click today and get started on an industry-leading heat-transfer roller from Menges Roller Company – the leaders in double-shell technology.

We’ll help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

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