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Industrial Roller Core Manufacturing

New Roller Cores from Menges – Custom Built to Your Specifications

Menges Roller Company is the rollmaker-of-choice for OEMs and end users needing precision-engineered roller cores.

We manufacture every format: solid steel rollers, double and triple-endplate cores, liveshafts, deadshafts and more.

For large-format rollers, our capacity extends to 10 meters, almost 33 feet, which is far beyond most roller companies.

And don’t forget our value-added services such as precision grinding & polishing, chrome & specialty finishes, rubber and elastomer covers, grooving, crowning and high-speed balancing.

Our engineers work from customer-supplied prints or via reverse-engineering existing rollers.

If you have large or oversized rollers, check our Large Process Rollers page

We also offer Carbon Fiber Rollers for specialty applications.

Menges roller manufactures new industrial rollers in several formats, including nip rollers, contact rollers, heat transfer rollers and chill rolls, and we have the ability to fabricate any style journal or shaft, like this recessed-shaft roller.

Whether you need 6 rolls of the exact same dimensions or just one very special roller, Menges is the name to know. Recessed shaft designs, like this, are common for the Menges Team.


  • End-Users Seeking Replacement Rolls
  • Line Expansion Projects
  • Critical Spare Rollers
  • Plants Attempting New Processes (R & D)
  • OEMs / Machine Makers
  • Engineering & Process Consultants


  • Our Capacity: 32.8 Ft. / 10 Meters
  • Tolerance: Precise as .001″ (thousandth of inch)
  • High-Grade Carbon Steels & Stainless Steels
  • Aluminum & Aluminum Alloys
  • Stress Relieved, Tempered & Heat Treated Options
  • May Include Rubber, Chrome, Balancing & More
  • Strength Testing & CAD Services Available
Menges Roller Company uses precise CNC machinery to manufacture industrial rollers for use by OEMs and plastic manufacturing plants, which includes plastic packaging companies and paper plants.

Menges has invested in advanced CNC technology to ensure complex designs are completed with precision and efficiency. This allows us to offer a better product at a better price.

Menges Roller manufactures custom-fabricated industrial roller shafts, also called roller journals, for leveling rollers, rubber rollers and heat transfer rollers.

For this long liveshaft journal, Menges Technicians machined several steps and bearing stops into the journal, as dictated by the customer’s schematics.

To design and manufactures large industrial rollers, including rollers with stepped face designs, we use CNC lathes and cylindrical grinding machines, which ensures precision for process rollers, rubber rollers and chill rollers.

Even the roller face can be complex. The steps in this rollface are machined to very tight tolerances. The face has been polished to a low Ra value with our precision grinding services.

Menges Roller has the ability to manufacture large industrial rollers for the nonwovens industry and paper industry, which is important for companies involved in making construction materials, geosynthetic barriers, and other hybrid compounds.

This large roller features a double-endplate design that employs a shrink-fit fabrication technique, resulting in a very durable final product. Our capacity reaches 10 meters, 32.8 feet.

Chrome plated industrial rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company are used to handle webs, make packaging products, and process nonwovens materials.

New rollers may be plated with chrome or other specialty finishes. This new roll features chrome plate finished to 16 Ra. Chrome improves release but also protects the rollface.

Rubber rollers from Menges Roller are often covered in nitrile or EPDM, as this nip roller is, which also features a parabolic crown.

With an extensive in-house rubber department, it’s easy to have your roller covered in your favorite rubber, silicone or urethane, then grooved, crowned and polished as needed.

CAD and CFD technology is used in conjunction with FEA software to help Menges Roller design and engineer industrial rollers that have journals that are strength tested and have undergone proper load capacity testing.

Menges can also design your new roller. We use sophisticated software to test load-bearing and strength capacities.

New industrial rollers for tube bending applications can be manufactured by Menges Roller, as this example, which includes a solid steel roller with OD cylindrical grinding.

This roller is made of one solid piece of steel. It features a precision machined spline, and a high-shine OD polish.

Bold on shafts and bold on journals are a special industrial roller design manufactured by Menges Roller Company in Wauconda Illinois, as part of their custom industrial roller manufacturing department.

Some plants perfer bolt-on journals. With a full-service machine shop & fabrication facility, that’s no problem for Menges.

Segmented designs, which include serrations, may be performed at Menges Roller, along with chrome finishing and plating of rollers.

This is a deadshaft core without its journals. This specially machined core has uniform segments with mirror-polished chrome.

Industrial rollers with deadshaft configurations for idler positions can be manufactured by menges industrial roller company

Menges Roller manufactures custom idler rollers with specialty finishes (these are chrome plated), with bearing and shaft dimensions to fit your web and machines.

Menges roller company manufactures spiral grooved industrial rollers like this one for a high speed paper converting line application process.

This roller features a special steel bolt-on endplate & journal fitting, with an aluminum core that’s grooved in a tight spiral. It will remove air in a high-speed converting line.

One of the key specialties at Menges Roller Company is building very large rollers, and out MIG welding and shrink fit techniques offer outstanding quality for chill rollers, rubber and large process rollers.

Our welder is working on two large chill rollers. At Menges, we manufacture large-format process & chill rolls with the same low TIR you’d find in a small roll.

At meenges roller company, we design and manufacture grooved aluminum rollers for the paper and plastics industry, guaranteed to run at high speeds without vibration.

This is a herringbone grooved deadshaft aluminum idler we manufactured for a customer in the paper industry. These are perfectly balanced because they run at a very high linespeed.

Menges offers a complete range of secondary services to enhance the performance of our roller cores.
This is a link to CAD and CFD and FEA design and engineering services for heat transfer rollers and chill rolls from menges roller Roller Design & Engineering

  • Build the Roller for Strength
  • Check our Engineering Services
Large rollers are just one form of industrial roller manufactured by Menges Roller, and this link leads to a listing of our comprehensive list of manufacturing and desing services for rollers in the nonwovens, paper, plastic and steel industries. Large Process Rollers

  • A Menges Specialty
  • Rolls Up To 33 Ft./10 Meters
This is link to chrome refinishing services for rollers and nickel plating services for industrial rollers and flame spray services for rollers from menges roller Chrome & Specialty Finishes

  • For New & Refurbished Rollers
  • Mirror Chrome, Nickel & More
Rubber rollers of all types can me manufactures at Menges, and this link leads to a wealth of products, rollcovers, roller types and services relevant to rubber rollers. Rubber Covers of All Types

  • Dozens of Compounds Available
  • Plus Many Groove Options
This is link to cylindrical grinding services from menges roller also chrome grinding and chrome refinishing for industrial rollers and cylindrical polishing Cylindrical Grinding & Polishing

  • Very Smooth Surfaces Possible
  • Precision Outside Diameters
Roller balancing is a very important service for industrial rollers manufactured by Menges Roller, and we offer several types of balancing such as dynamic balancing, high speed balancing, and static balancing – all of which optimize industrial roller performance. Roller Balancing

  • Dynamic & Static Balancing
  • For Smooth-Running Rollers


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