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Nip Impression Paper

An Easy-To-Use, Cost-Effective Tool for Trouble-Shooting Nip Systems

Menges Proof-Nip Impression Paper is a pressure-sensitive paper that allows for quick & easy testing of nip pressure.

Visible impression marks make it easy to diagnose any flaws in the nip rollers, crown profiles or pressure settings. After inserting directly into the nip system, the paper shows areas of high nip pressure, low pressure and no pressure. Final images help on-site engineers make adjustments, or the results may be sent to Menges Roller for analysis.

This helpful product is ordered via telephone directly from Menges Roller Company: 847-487-8877.

  • Our Pressure-Sensitive Paper is Inserted Directly into the Nip System
  • Impressions Show Roller Loading & Nip Pressure Along the Nip Line
  • Shows Roller Parallelism & Alignment
  • Easy to Use with Instantly-Visible Impression Results
  • Enables Menges Engineers to Calculate Proper Roller Crown Dimensions
  • Low Cost ($250 for a 20 foot x 7 inch roll)
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This picture shows how an engineer should use Menges Proof Nip Impression Paper, including how to insert the product into the nip system, engage the nip rollers, then release the nip system to read the results of the nip impression paper, which indicates how well your industrial rollers are crowned.

Insert Paper Between Rolls:
Disengage the nip to allow our paper to be inserted. Not much room is needed: 1/8” is sufficient.
After the nip impression paper is nicely centered between the disengaged nip rolls, engage the nip at your standard pressure to make an impression. Then release & remove the paper.

Menges Roller, which specializes in products and services for nip roller systems, offers a unique Proof Nip Impression Paper, and this illustration shows how to insert the product into the nipping system, which is also called a pinch roller system or squeegee roller system.

Lay impression paper on the lower roller, centered, then engage the nip system.

Menges Roller specializes in troubleshooting the results of nip system roller functionality, and this illustration shows the proper results of crowning industrial rollers for nip systems. Proper Crown
Good Impression Result
This illustration, generated with the help of Menges Roller’s Proof-Nip Impression Paper, shows the incorrect profile of a crown on a rubber roller used in a nip system: these results help Menges Engineers diagnose and solve nip system problems. Roller Crown Too Large
Nip rollers sometimes have uneven loads, and Menges Roller helps solve this problem with its Proof Nip Impression Paper, and this link helps customers read the results and diagnose their nip roller crowning issues. Unbalanced Load or Misaligned Rollers
This illustration helps engineers see what happens with uneven nip roller crowns or poor rubber covers, each of which can be solved by ordering new rollers from Mengse Roller Company. Banding, Roll Wear or Grinding
This illustration is part of the instructions for how to use Menges Roller’s Proof-Nip Impression Paper, which shows those using packaging rollers how to solve problems such as unvevn loading and improper crown profiles. Check Load or Roll Crown
(roll diameter issues)


Checkout these resources for more information on nip systems and roll crowning – the two go hand in hand.
Roller crowning services provided by Menges Roller Company are part of solving nip system problems and optimizing rubber roller performance. Precision Crowning

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This link leads to a technical paper that shows people in the converting industry the details of web wrinkling and web crowning, all of which can be solved by Menges Roller Company. Roller Crowning White Paper

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This illustration shows a nipping system, complete with rubber rollers that have crowns, which helps to demonstrate how Menges Roler manufactures and services their roller products. Nip Rollers Page

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In a nip system, the roller’s crown is extremely important – but not always easy to calculate.

Getting an idea of how your nip system is currently working is key to making this calculation.

And our Proof-Nip Impression Paper tells you exactly how well your system is performing.

Order your roll of Menges Proof-Nip Impression Paper today by calling 847-487-8877.

We’ll analyze the results, determine the proper crown for your application, and get you rolling again!

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