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Wrinkle Removing Web Spreader Rollers

Solve Your Web Wrinkling & Tearing Problems – with Web Spreaders from Menges

Web wrinkling has a reputation for being one of the most persistent problems a plant manager can face.

Wrinkle removing rollers from Menges, sometimes called web spreaders, affect the web in a manner that makes it run smooth and flat. Web wrinkling has many causes, and Menges web spreaders are effective in solving most minor to moderate cases of material wrinkling.

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Menges Roller manufactures industrial rollers designed to remove wrinkles from paper and plastic webs, and this is accomplished on rubber rollers with a deep spiral-cut groove at each end.

For industrial rollers, including web spreaders, there are two basic journal types: deadshaft and liveshaft. With a deadshaft, the shaft and roller are separate pieces; the roller rotates on the shaft with the help of a bearing. With a liveshaft, the roller and shafts are one piece and the whole unit rotates as one.

  • Web Spreader’s Elastomer Type & Durometer
  • Spiral Serration Angle, Width and Depth
  • Allowable Roller Diameter
  • Crown Angle & Height
  • Deadshaft or Liveshaft
  • Web Dimensions & Material Type
  • Web Weight & Surface Friction Coefficient
  • Linespeed & Rotation Rate
  • Alignment of Rollers to Web and Machines
  • Concentricity of Other Rollers in the Line
Menges Roller offers several rubber compounds for their web spreader rollers, including hypalon, nitrile, viton and synthetic rubber.

Like most wrinkle removers, this is a “deadshaft” design. The journal & roller core are separate pieces. The journal is mounted to the machine frame, while the roller spins on bearings.

Wrinkle removing rollers for film webs and paper plants can be purchased from Menges Roller Company in Wauconda, a leading maker of industrial rollers for material processors.

Dual spiral-cut grooves penetrate deep into the rollcover. This penetration delivers the required amount of lateral flexibility as the roll grips and moves the web to a flat state.

Wrinkle removing rollers from Menges Roller feature liveshaft and deadshaft designs, and are offered with a guarantee of quality.

Closeup View: The serrations on a web spreader are just one factor in removing web wrinkles. Factors such as roller alignment, web tension and roller concentricity are also important.

This inducates the quality and effectiveness of rubber rollers designed to inhibit web wrinkling in plastic film production and laminating lines – and these rollers can be ordered by Menges Roller.

Wide View: This newly-finished deadshaft web spreader is ready to roll. Removing wrinkles depends on many factors. Checkout our “Web Spreader Technical Summary” white paper (below).

Large rubber rollers can be manufactured to remove wrinkles, and Menges Roller is the best source to manufacture such industrial rollers.

Wrinkle removing rolls are used in many applications. This one is over 28 feet long and is employed in a thin film plant. The rollcover also has a .059 crown to enhance performance.

This industrial roller, which was manufactured by Menges Roller Company near Chicago, features a new rubber cover and a new groove; it will  be used to remove wrinkles for a plastic packaging line.

Menges recovered and regrooved this wrinkle remover, but we also cleaned up the bearing races and balanced the roll, as part of our full array of maintenance & service offerings.


Menges offers a complete range of secondary services to enhance the performance of our roller cores.
 With rubber roller recovring services, which this link leads to, industrial rollers can be recovered with urethane or silicone. Rubber Re-Cover Services

  • For Worn Rubber Rollers
  • We’ll Give Them New Life
When industrial rollers are balanced correctly, then perform better, and Menges Roller offers a number of roller balancing services for all types of industrial rollers – and users can click this picture to see Menges’ list of roller balancing services. Roller Balancing

  • Dynamic & Static Balancing
  • For Smooth-Running Rollers
 This link is for crowning services completed by Menges Roller Company, which offers industrial roller crowning, recovering, grooving and repairs for all types of rollers. Crowning Services

  • Enhances Material Handling
  • May Reduce Wrinkling
With rubber rollers, very few companies can compete with Menges Roller in terms of the large number of natural and synthetic roller compounds available for rollcover use; and this picture link is connected to a list of these rubber covers. New Rubber Rollers

  • Dozens of Compounds Available
  • Plus Many Groove Options
Roller grooving services are very important for many industrial rollers, and this picture leads to a complete list of services, which includes grooving. Rubber Roll Grooving

  • Many Groove Options
  • For Any Rubber Roller
This is a technical White Paper about roller technology and scientific application specifications for engineering and converting, and it was written by engineers from Menges Roller company. Web Spreader Technical Summary

  • Menges White Paper
  • Explains Wrinkling Causes & Cures


A Menges Sales Engineer is your go-to source for deciphering the multiple web wrinkling factors.

Don’t be afraid to ask our engineers about your most complex web wrinkling issues.

Webs spreaders are just one of many roller-based solutions offered by Menges.

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