Roller Balancing - Run Smoother, Run Faster

When operating at higher speeds, unbalanced rollers perform poorly. Unbalanced rolls can also damage machinery or bearings, shortening equipment lifespan. Poorly-balanced rolls can even result in damaged substrate materials, or cause vibrations that lead to problems in converting and laminating processes.

But in today’s converting and material processing industries, tremendous importance has been placed on achieving very high linespeeds and top quality.

To ensure smooth roller operation - even at high speeds - Menges offers a very effective two-plane dynamic and static balancing service. With specialized roll handling equipment and proprietary software, Menges engineers measure roll performance at designated speeds. Small weight and balance modifications are then made to achieve smooth and true operation, even during high speed operation.

You’ll see a decrease in vibrations, longer component life and a smoother flow of materials.

Balanced is Better - Here’s Why

  • Faster Linespeeds
  • Reduces Material Tearing & Stretching
  • Decreases Waste
  • Process & Quality Improvement
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Noise & Vibration Reduction
  • Decreased Drag
  • Longer Covering Life (if covered)
  • Operate at Lower PLI (lbs per linear inch)

Digital angle of unbalance indicators work to
pinpoint the exact region of imbalance and the
degree of deflection. The roll is then counter -
weighted accordingly.

Putting the roller in motion is key to
balancing the roll. Software and
hardware work together to generate
real time data.

Our computer-interfaced roll balancing system features an
integrated photo cell for accurate RPM monitoring. Controls give
full rotation control as linespeeds are simulated during testing.


Let’s Take a Look at Your Rolls

Menges balances all new rolls before they leave our
facility. But we are also happy to inspect and balance existing rolls, as an ala-carte service.

You’ll run faster, with less waste, while seeing
improved machine performance and optimal results in
material converting.

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