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Heat Transfer Chill Roll Repairs & Rebuilds

We Can Restore Your Chill Roll to Like-New Condition

Double-shelled rollers that are exhibiting low flowrates and poor thermal transfer can be rebuilt & refurbished.

This is a substantial cost saving versus a new chill roll, and we guarantee the performance of rebuilt rollers.

Because Menges is so well equipped – with a complete machine shop & fabrication plant – “open roller surgery” on your heat transfer roller is no problem. The most common approach is to remove the old outer shell, re-furbish the inner shell (complete with a new spiral wrap), re-drill & tap any components, fabricated & install a new outer shell, then finish with a new chrome plated surface.

Rebuilt heat transfer rollers are guaranteed no to leak, and you’ll see the thermal performance of a ‘young roller.’

Speak to a Menges  Engineer for more on this cost-saving, efficiency-enhancing service.

We also offer an array of basic repair & modification services for double-shelled rollers.

This is an example of how Menges Roller Company engineers work with customers in the flexible packaging market to refurbish chill rollers and fabricate replacement shells and tubes.

Before: The outer shell is removed, the first phase in Menges’ comprehensive heat transfer roll refurbishing process.

With the idea of completely refurbishing this heat transfer roller, Menges Roller company is in the process of performing a service that rebuilds inner tubes and applies new chrome to the outer tube, a service that generates substantial customer satisfaction and works to improve thermal transfer.

After: Here we see the roller after being completely rebuilt. It looks like new, and is ready to perform like new.

This image indicates what can happen when heat transfer rollers do not complete acid flushing and washing services from Menges Roller Company.

Before: Interior of poorly-functioning chill roll. This double-shelled roller was never acid flushed, and performance steadily declined. The roller will have to be refurbished.

Because Menges Roller Company is one of the best vendors specializing in chill roller rebuilding, web heating and cooling can be restored eastily, especially for customers in the flexible packaging, coil converting and paper laminating industries.

After: Menges Technicians have refurbished the inner shell. The tube is cleaned-up, new wraps installed, and siphons re-bored. A new outer shell is next.


  • The outer shell is removed. Ususally a new one is fabricated, but sometimes the old one can be saved.
  • Inner shell is turned (removing rust & debris), then treated with rust inhibitor (an upgrade option).
  • New spiral wraps are installed on inner shell (mimicing old wrap angle or modified for higher/lower velocity).
  • New outer shell is fabricated to precise specifications, meeting the desired inner cavity volume dimensions.
  • Bores & siphon tubes are refurbished or replaced (depending on roll design, monoflow or duoflow).
  • Roller is completely re-assembled: new outer shell is married to inner shell, leak-checked and balanced.
  • New chrome plate (or other surface finish) is applied to outer shell, then polished to the desired Ra value.
As part of a comprehensive chill roll repair and service offering, Menges Roller provides new chrome finishes and removal of worn plate, available through their location in Wauconda, IL, and provided to customers worldwide.

1 – This chill roller came to Menges Roller in desperate need of refurbishing. The roller has a very poor flowrate, with unacceptable thermal transfer, plus badly damaged chrome.

Menges Roller, in this image, is providing a service that rebuilds the inner shell of chill heat transfer rolls, which is necessary to processors of blown film, wet paper, laminated wood, and adhesive curing applications.

2 – The first thing the Menges Team did (after a thorough evaluation) was remove the outer shell, which was so damaged it was discarded, but this inner shall can be saved.

During the process of rebuilding and refurbishing clogged heat transfer rolls, Menges will remove the outer shell and provide new components for the inner shell, as seen here.

3 – The inner shell has been turned on a CNC lathe to renew the surface, and new spiral baffle wraps have been installed. This will next be machined to achieve a specific OD.

Tube repairs for chill rolls are often completed by Menges Roller Company, and this image shows a perfect example of these important flowrate restoration processes, which are available for packaging, plastic, paper and flexible electronic manufacturers.

4 – This is a rough-cut of the new outer shell. The ID is right where we want it, and the OD will be machined after installation on the inner shell. Note the counter-bore and weld chamfer.

After Menges Roller rebuilds the liquid-filled chamber on a chill roll, it fabricates new roller components such as the outer tube, then installs the shells together, as this shows.

5 – The new outer shell has been fitted to the refurbished inner shell. For now, the outer shell is just tack-welded. At final assembly, the circumference will be welded and leak tested.

Cylindrical grinding to prepare for new chrome plate on a chill rollers is all part of the rebuilding and refurbishing process that Menges Roller offers to converters and extruders.

6 – The assembled roller is now at Menges’ precision OD grinding station. After a very exact OD is achieved, it will be chrome plated. That chrome plate will then be precision ground & polished.

This image shows the results of a complete chill roll rebuild, completed by Menges Roller Company, as part of their shell refurbishing and resurfacing options.

7 – Our chill roll has been completely rebuilt and is now ready to perform! The roll will be used in a plastic bag line. Notice the mirror finish, with a 1-3 Ra value. This rebuild was completed for a fraction of the cost of a new chill roll.


 As a full-service roller company, Menges offers a full range of support services & products.
This page shows the positive results of contracting Menges Roller to provide roll design and engineering services, which include CFD modeling and other innovative uses of computational fluid dynamics. Roller Design & Engineering

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With a significant number of chill rollers refurbished every year at Menges Roller company, as indicated here, customers see improved performance, reduced clogging, and better thermal transfer. Heat Transfer Roll Rebuilding

  • Menges Can Rebuild Your Roll
  • Less Expensive Than New Roll
At Menges Roller, chill rollers receive new chrome plate and nickle finishes, including flame sprayed and plasma options, as indicated on this webpage. Chrome & Specialty Finishes

  • For New & Refurbished Rollers
  • Mirror Chrome, Nickel & More
When Mengse Roller rebuilds a thermal roller, it often recommends acid washing or flushing to eliminate scale and improve heat transfer fluid flow, and many customers are very satisfied with this technical analysis, as this page details. Acid Flushing of Liquid-Filled Rollers

  • Important Maintenance Procedure
  • Flushes Away Clogs & Coagulants
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  • Part of Chrome Re-Plating Jobs
  • Or to True-Up Out of Round Rolls
Chill rollers manufactured by Menges Roller Company are designed using CFD Technology, and often times Paratherm thermal transfer fluid is part of this equasion. Thermal Transfer Fluids

  • We Work Exclusively with Paratherm
  • Fluids to Match Any Application
When rebuilding a chill roller, which includes new chrome plating or nickle plate, customers may purchase protective roller covers for their high-perofrmance industrial roller. Protective Roller Covers

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  • Custom Fit Padded Rollcovers
In order to optimize the performance of chill rolls made by Menges, we utilize heating units from Delta T, which provide outstanding thermal control. Chillers & Temperature Control Units

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  • Work Perfectly with Menges Rolls


Chill rollers are the key to many processes – and their performance is critical.

Low flowrates & poor thermal transfer put your production line at risk – and nobody wants that.

As a plant manager, you’re paid to fix these problems – which is why you need to call Menges Roller.

Menges will rebuild that malfunctioning chill roller for a fraction of the cost of a new roller.

Call 847-487-8877 or click today to contact a Menges Engineer.

It’s your first step toward getting your temperature modification process back on track.

We’re here to help you run faster, reduce waste and produce a better product.

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