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Products for Steel & Metal Converting

We Help Coil Converters & Coaters Run More Efficiently

Menges Roller provides a multitude of specialized products & services for the metals sector.

We developed a special urethane rollcover compound to withstand the abrasion of steel & aluminum coils. We developed another unique rollcover formula to handle the harsh chemicals used in annealing. And with a capacity to make new rollers up to 10 tons & 33 feet long, we are your heavy-duty roller experts.

Menges even perfected the “SuperSpander” to protect coils while on the coil hanlding mandrel. So take a close look at our long list of new roller products, service options, and accessories.

Then speak to a Menges Engineer: we’ll offer practical, cost-effective solutions to your process challenges.

At Menges Roller, we try to offer a complete line of solutions for coil converting and coating, which is why we sell coil expander rings known as SuperSpanders, as this example displays.

Rubber Mandrel Rings

Squeegee rollers, also called nip or pinch rolls, are manufactured at Menges Roller Company, and recovered, serviced, repaired and crowned at their facility in Wauconda Illinois.

Nip / Pinch Rollers

Contact rollers for metal polishing lines and infeed purposes are manufactured by Menges Roller Company, which also offers silicone and urethane rollers for these markets, and this page gives further detail.

Contact Rollers

New tension stand rollers, steering and pasline rollers, as well as straightening varieties are available for purchase through Menges Roller, which also offers an array of service and recover options for rubber and hardshell rolls.

Leveling Rollers


Urethane rollers, including tension stand and passline rolls, are best purchased at Menges Roller Company, where customers receive custom-fabricated products that meet very exact process requirements, as this picture shows.

Re-Cover Services

Roller design services are offered by Menges Roller because there is a real need in the coil coating and steel converting industry for roll engineering that increases safety with the use of 3-D CAD, load capacity analysis, and strength testing, as seen here.

Engineering & Design

Grinding of leveling rollers, sometimes called straightening or flattening rolls, is essential because OD correction and concentricity must be accurate – and Menges Roller ensures this with low-TIR surface finishing and exact-measurement caliper equipment.

OD Cylindrical Grinding

Grooving services for rubber rollers, which actually include silicone, urethane and nitrile compounds, can be completed by Menges Roller company, which can improve the capabilities of work rolls and steering rollers for a variety of coil converting applications.

Grooving Services


  • Roll Re-Cover Services: Re-cover your rollers with one of our special urethane or synthetic compounds
  • Grooving: Chevron grooves for contact rollers are just the start: we offer an array of groove options
  • Cylindrical Grinding: Menges will ‘true-up’ those out of round flattening/straightening rollers
  • Roller Balancing: Menges offers high-speed balancing as well as static balancing services
  • Repairs: Menges offers complete repair services, including journal replacement
  • Engineering & Design: Strength testing and CAD modeling for new or reverse-engineered rollers
  • Delivery & Pickup Services: Menges offers in-house trucking to expedite recovers & minimize downtime
With pinch rollers being so important to coil converters, Menges Roller has decided to manufacture these products using their extensive rubber cover machines and crowning equipment, all of which generates outstanding quality and excellent customer satisfaction grades.

Squeegee rollers for coil converters & coaters are build extra-strong with special rollcovers.


Menges delivers the required strength for these rollers, and special rollcover compounds for high-compression nip systems.

  • Rigid Construction of Proven Designs
  • Double-Endplate Designs for High-Pressure Nips
  • In-House Strength & Load-Capacity Testing
  • Dozens of Specialty Rollcover Compounds Available
  • Abrasion & Chemical-Resistant Rollcovers
  • Precision Parabolic Crowning Options
  • Nip Rollers Page
New contact rollers, sometimes called infeed rolls, are manufactured by menges roller company for the wood industry, steel sector, nonwovens market and plastic converters.

Contact & in-feed rolls have flexible yet durable synthetic covers, with many groove options.


We supply contact rollers to OEMs, coil converters & polishers – and we understand the different groove properties better than anyone.

  • New Rolls Built to Withstand Years of Continuous Use
  • Journals may be Double-Endplated for Extra Strength
  • Precision Keyways & Custom Shafts for Drive Purposes
  • Tear & Wear-Resistant Rubber Compounds
  • Herringbone, Chevron & Continuous Flute Grooves
  • Groove Land, Depth & Radius Specs to Meet Your Needs
  • Contact Rollers Page
Bridle rollers, along with tension stand rolls, are manufactured by Menges Roller at their Wauconda facility, then covered with rubber, hypalon, or a urethane TPU compound of the customer’s choice, resulting in a custom-made solution and a very positive experience, as this image shows.

A small bridle roll for an aluminum processor. Menges developed this special synthetic rubber rollcover specifically for their application.


New & replacement rolls can be built to fit any machine.

  • Thick Wall & Endplate Construction
  • Manufactured to Fit Standard or Custom Machines
  • Many Urethane & Synthetic Rubber Rollcovers to Choose
  • Crush & Compression-Resistant Rollcovers
  • Equipped with Keyways & Drive Compatibility
  • Large-Diamater Fabrication Capaciity: 48″ / 121 cm
  • Custom Rollers Page
Cooling rollers for continuous galvanizing lines and other coil converting applications are manufactured by Menges Roller Company, which also provides extensive service, design, and refurbishing options for these liquid-filled heat transfer rolls.

Menges makes large chill rolls for galvanizing lines and specialty processes.


Large chill rolls from Menges are found in continuous galvanizing lines and other important temperature modification operations.

  • Double-Shelled, Spiral-Wrapped Designs
  • Mono-Flow and Duo-Flow Configurations
  • Designed with CFD Thermal Modeling Technology
  • Maintain Target Temperatures from 20-600°F (10-315°C)
  • Chrome, Nickle and Plasma Finishes Available
  • Custom-Fabricated to Meet Exact Process Requirements
  • Heat Transfer Rollers Page
Leveler rollers, also called straightener or flattening rolls, can be precision ground using a cylindrical grinding process perfected by Menges Roller, which uses this service to ensure exact OD modification and perfection in pitting removal.

Solid steel flattening rollers for a leveling press, finished with a very exact OD.


Leveling & straightening machines need precision-ground, heavy steel rollers – that’s what Menges delivers to OEMs and end-users alike.

  • Solid, Forged One-Piece Designs
  • Capacity for Extra-Wide Rollers for Oversize Presses
  • Stress Testing Available at Design Phase
  • Rolls are Precision Ground In-House for Exact Diameters
  • Splines and Keyways Machined as Needed
  • Variety of Steel Grades Available to Meet Your Performance Traits
  • Available for OEMs or End-Users Needing Replacement Rolls
  • Large Rollers Page
Menges Roller offers new core manufacaturing for industrial rollers of all types, including those used in the metal and aluminum converting industry, which encompasses steering rolls, pinch and squeegee system products, and passline options, as seen here.

Menges manufactures all types of new rollers – idlers, work rolls, direction changers, and more – with or without covers.


No matter what your application – even if its something new or experimental –  Menges Roller is here to help with custom-engineered industrial roller solutions.

  • Heavy-Duty Work Rollers for Any Process 
  • Billy Rollers, Carrier Rollers, Looper Rollers, Entry & Exit Rollers
  • Solid One-Piece or Multi-Endplate Designs
  • Hardshell Options in Knurled, Chrome or Steel with Precision OD
  • Rubber-Cover Options Include Award-Winning Tiger Max & More
  • Menges Engineers will Work with You to Perfect Design Details
  • Widening Your Stock ?  We Can Widen All the Rollers in the Line
  • Custom Roller Cores Page
Coil expander mander rings manufactured by Menges Roller are of good quality because they use tear-resistant and flexible rubbers, grip-enhancing surfaces, and many OD and ID size options, as is indicated here.

Super Spander rubber coil expander rings from Menges fit over the mandrel to grip the coil and protect your stock from damage.


SuperSpanders allow you to handle coils with any ID.

  • Durable Rubber Rings Fit Over the Mandrel
  • Expand with Mandrel Jaws
  • Allows You to Handle Coils of Different Sizes (almost any ID)
  • Prevents Mandrel from Rubbing Against Your Stock
  • Helps to Keep Coil on the Mandrel
  • Rubber Lasts for Years
  • Custom-Made to Fit Your ID, OD & Width Specifications
  • Coil Expander Rings Page




Choose our award-winning Tiger Max urethane or another performance-grade specialty rollcover compound.

  • Re-Cover Services for All Types of Rollers
  • Seamless Rollcover Process (no build lines)
  • Chemical & Abrasion-Resistant Compounds
  • Choice of Durometer (hardness)
  • Custom Blending & Testing Available
  • Groove, Crown & Balancing Services to Accompany
  • Quick Turnarounds of All Recovers
  • Roller Re-Cover Services
Special TPU Urethene roller covers are manufactured by Menges Roller Company for use in coil converting and metal processing operations, which often include a need for abrasion resistant and chemical resistant jackets, as this is, specially formulated to meet unique process requirements.

Our Tiger Max urethane rollcover is one of our most popular rollcover compounds. It is abrasion & chemical-resistant, with outstanding durability.


Rollers involved in push, pull and belt-polishing operations can all benefit from Menges’ grooving operations.

  • Any Rubber or Urethane Roller Can be Grooved
  • Chevron, Spiral Flute, Herringbone Patterns & More
  • Computer-Controlled Groove Forming
  • Services Completed In-House (unlike some competitors)
  • May Accompany Crowning, High-Speed Balancing, etc.
  • Grooving Services Page
Urethane and rubber rollers may be grooved at Menges Roller Company, which offers a wealth of options, including herringbone, chevron, spiral, parallel and diamond cuts, all contributing to optimal roll functionality and quality, as this image exemplifies.

Menges uses computer controlled grooving machines to make any groove pattern.


Precision surface grinding from Menges gives press rollers new life.

  • Precision Cylindrical OD Grinding Services
  • Removes Wobble & Runout, Renews Concentricity
  • Refreshes Surface, Removing Pitting & Marring
  • Perfect for Leveler / Straightener / Flattening Machine Rollers
  • Capacity to 10 Tons
  • Cylindrical Grinding Page
Outside diameter grinding from Menges Roller Company can remove pitting and eliminate burrs, as well as renew concentricity and reduce runout which causes wobbling, essentially returning refurbished straightening press rolls to like-new condition.

This large straightener press roller, weighing several tons, was precision OD ground at Menges.


At Menges, we recommend all rollers undergo complete dynamic balancing procedures at your specific linespeed.

  • Menges Offeers Computer-Assisted Two-Plane Dynamic Balancing
  • High-Speed Balancing at Your Designated Linespeed 
  • Prevents Vibration & Material Flutter
  • Static Balancing to Prevent Loping & Roller/Material Friction
  • Any Roller Can Be Balanced
  • Often Accompanies Recover Services
  • Roller Balancing Services
Metal industry rollers, which includes coil coaters annealing operations and steel galvanizing lines, often require balancing services; and this is where Menges Roller excels, offering a range of dynamic and static balancing options that eliminate vibration and optimize smoothness.

No matter what your linespeed, Menges will balance your rollers to run vibration-free.


Menges Roller has the most complete repair facility in the business.

  • Journal Repair & Replacement
  • New Journal Fabrication
  • Bearing Race Resurfacing
  • Advanced Shrink-Fit & MIG Welding Technology
  • May Accompany Recovers & Other Services
  • Rush Turnarounds & Emergency Services Available
  • Roller Repair Services Page
When roller journals are cracked or damaged, many aluminum processors look to Menges Roller for a complete array of industrial roller repair services, which may include journal replacement and shaft modification, completed at their large facility near Chicago and available to OEMs and end-users worldwide.

Menges Roller has one of the most comprehensive roller repair facilties in the industry.


Our award-winning engineering team designs & tests rollers to perform perfectly for their process application.

  • Solid Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis
  • Load-Bearing Capacity & Strength Testing
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Thermal Modeling
  • Ensures Rollers are Built Strong Enough for Their Task
  • Prevents Over Engineering
  • Engineering Services Page
Industrial roller design services are offered by Menges Roller and used by customers in the metal processing industry, often seeking CAD or CFD modeling to solve complex processing challenges or gain application-specific simulation data, and this image is a result of such processes.

Our award-winning engineers will model your roller to achieve specific strength profiles and maintain very specific temperatures.


Pickup, delivery & trucking options to meet your deadlines.

  • In-House Trucking for Large Midwest Zones
  • Menges Employees Driving Menges Trucks
  • For Speedy Turnarounds & Best Care of Rollers
  • Nationwide Service via Trusted Suppliers
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Serving customers throughout North America, South America, and portions of Europe, Menges Roller offers delivery services for industrial rollers and rubber rolls to customers in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.

In-house roller pickup & delivery means quick turnarounds for recovers & repairs.


Menges Roller has developed many innovative & original products and rollcover compounds.

Our Tiger Max urethane is the rollcover-of-choice for many converters & steel polishers.

Top-flight OEMs & large-scale plants rely Menges for new rollers & exact-fit replacement rollers.

And with a full array of repair services, plant managers trust their most critical rollers to Menges.

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Our goal is to help you run faster, reduce waste and produce better products.

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