Roll Solutions for Metal Processors

For over 40 years, Menges Roller Company has served customers in the steel processing, coil coating, and aluminum finishing industries by fabricating the highest quality precision-engineered industrial rollers. We also deliver outstanding roll repair and maintenance services.

Our capacity, quality and range of services is unmatched. We understand your processes, machines and needs - helping you run faster, eliminate downtime and improve your product quality.

We fabricate rolls up to 30 feet long, cover in almost any elastomer (including our award winning Tiger Max) and use the newest CAD software to engineer the most durable, longest-lasting rolls on the

What We Do

We fabricate rolls up to 30 feet long, and offer covering with almost any elastomer (including our award winning Tiger Max).

We employ the latest CAD software to engineer the most durable, longest-lasting rolls on the market today.

  • New Roller Fabrication
  • Recovering Rolls with New Coats
  • Repair of All Roller Areas
  • Chrome Plating / Re-Plating
  • Two-Plane Dynamic Balancing
  • Crowning & Roll Profiling
  • Thermal Spray Applications

For replacement rolls, we save you money versus OEM replacements. We can reverse-engineer your old roll, fabricate a new exact match, and cover it with any elastomer on the market - including Tiger Max - our 80 durometer abrasion-resistant thermal-plastic urethane rollcovering.

Which Rolls Do We Work With ?

Our strength lies in fabricating, repairing
and covering the rolls you use every day:

  • Accumulator Rolls
  • Pinch Rolls
  • Bridle Rolls
  • Passline Rolls
  • Squeegee Rolls
  • Tension Stand Rolls
  • Contact Rolls
  • Feed Rolls
  • Snubber Rolls
  • Guide Rolls
  • Layon Rolls
  • Hold-Down Rolls
  • Coil Expander Rings

We make rolls for many OEMs involved in steel & aluminum processing. These stainless steel rolls are for an OEM that makes steel finishing machines: two have a standard double-endplate design, and two are double-shelled, spiral-baffle liquid-filled chill rolls.

Roll Fabrication & Tiger Max - Strength and Performance from Core to Cover

The Menges Roller fabrication plant manufactures precision-engineered rollers up to 30 feet long & 48 inches in diameter. Tiger Max is an award-winning thermal plastic urethane compound developed by Menges Roller Company. This rollcover is specially formulated to withstand the harsh environments of coal coating and steel processing operations.



Tiger Max: Saves Money & Time

This rollcovering material is tested tough, with superior load bearing capabilities, cut & abrasion resistance, and outstanding chemical resistance.

  • Hardness Shore A: 65-95
  • Tensile Strength (PSI): 2,600-8,000
  • Tear Strength: 350-1,500
  • Compression Set: 25-82
  • Chemical Resistance: Excellent
  • Abrasion Resistance: Excellent

These bridle and squeegee rolls were fabricated& coated in-house with
our award-winning Tiger Max thermal plastic urethane. Menges has large-scale fabrication facilities and extensive coating capabilities, all in-house.

Recently covered in Tiger Max, the outside diameter of this roll is being machined to the customer’s specified diameter.


Tiger Max is not only abrasion & cut resistant - but it’s also chemical & corrosion resistant which is why these shafts have been covered in this award- winning compound.

Save Money & Save Time - With Replacement Rolls from Menges

Menges Roller Company manufactures rolls for many OEMs. But we can also manufacture replacement rolls to
fit your machines, no matter what machine you have. And Menges can fabricate and cover replacement rolls for 40% less vs. the cost of having them ordered from the OEM. We can reverse-engineer your old roller, or work from a provided print.

This squeegee roll will be used in a pickling line. We designed, fabricated and covered it at our facility near Chicago. We also offer pickup& delivery services via our in-house trucking dept.


Solid steel rolls like these are a specialty at Menges Roller. These work rolls, for a steel processor, are being inspected before delivery.

This squeegee roll is used in a stainless polishing shop. We replaced the journals, stripped the old silicone, then recovered the roll with a new high-release silicone.


This contact roll, which drives an belt for a steel finisher, was fabricated to replace the OEM’s worn-out roll. We reverse- engineered the old
roll and made this exact match at a much lower price vs. the cost of a replacement roll from the OEM.

Specialty Services & Products - Features that Improve Your Operational Efficiency

At Menges Roller, we’re fixated on every aspect of industrial rollers. We conduct industry-leading research and development. We continually seek new technology and materials to improve roll performance and durability. And we consistently invest in the personnel and machinery necessary to deliver products to help you run faster, waste less and improve efficiency.

Specialty Finishes

The rollcover material, groove pattern (if any) and finish
choice help to produce a roll’s material-handling traits.

Your Menges Sales Engineer can help you determine a finish
that suits the requirements of each roll in your line.

Available Finishes for Covered Rolls
  • Ultra-High Polish
  • Smooth Finish
  • Sawblade Finish
  • Crepe Finish

This crepe finish was requested by a large aluminum
processor. These are feed rolls for a slitting line,
hence the gripping finish.

Dynamic Balancing - Run Smoother at Higher Speeds

When operating at higher speeds, unbalanced rollers perform poorly;
they can induce slower linespeeds, damage to stock, and shortened
equipment lifespans.

To ensure smooth roller operation - even at high speeds - we offer a very effective two-plane dynamic and static balancing service. With specialized roll handling equipment and proprietary software, the Menges engineers can measure a roll’s performance at any speed. Small weight and balance modifications are then made to induce a smooth operation at any speed.

We help customers run smoother and faster - it’s what we do every day.
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Roller Balancing Page

SuperSpanders - Handle Any Coil, Any I.D.

We manufacture custom rubber coil expander rings that allow coil processors to handle larger ID coils. They also buffer the harsh contact between the coil mandrel and the coiled steel ID.

Menges SuperSpanders virtually eliminate coil end scrap. The results are higher yields per coil, reduced waste and decreased operational costs.

Engineered for long life, our coil expanders are formed from a durable yet flexible elastomer. See your Menges Sales Engineer for more information.

Our coil expander rings are made in-house at Menges, manufactured to your specs. Choose 2 or 3 inch wide designs or wider 10 to
12 inch versions. Any ID is possible, up to 48 inches, and these handy devices can he made with or without expansion slits.


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Coil Expanders Page

Run & Smoother - Speak to Our Sales Engineers

At Menges Roller, we know each customer is different, with unique machines, processes, materials and needs. So the Menges team of engineers and representatives analyzes each situation individually.

Most of our products are custom-built, which ensures the delivery of solutions that fit your exact needs.

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